Saturday Feb 17
Brian Winters

Brian WintersBorn and Raised in New York’s Hudson Valley, I grew up in a house where the stereo seemingly never got turned off and arguments broke out over which Rolling Stones album was their best. Whether it was my mom jamming to The Allman Brothers Band, or my dad playing his ancestral favorites The Dubliners and Paddy Reilly, music was constantly filling the room.

After moving to Florida in 2011 to attend University of Miami, I spent nearly every weekend going to rock and reggae concerts at Revolution Live and Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale.

It was live shows from Tribal Seeds, Rebelution, and The Expendables as well as festivals like Aura and Gathering Of The Vibes that initially got me hooked to seeing live music.

I’m currently back in New York, taking advantage of the endless number of live shows being played each night throughout the city. In between shows you can find me searching for my guitar pick between the couch cushions, or practicing the Austrian German dialect.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about music, and with a music taste ranging from Shakira to Glassjaw, there’s a pretty good chance we can connect on something.

Instagram = @Burrian_Winters