Monday Jan 22
Jeremy Basha

I can still remember the time my mom took me to the record store to buy my first sublime album. I must’ve been nine or ten years old and after seeing the Parental Advisory label, she shut down the operation. However, shortly after being denied I found a way to get my hands on their self-titled album and the forbidden fruit tasted oh so sweet. Now, almost two decades later, I’ve yet to look back. The reggae scene and all of the awesome bands and fans in it have become my personal haven of good vibes and great times.

After high school, I moved from Arizona to Santa Barbara to go to school at Santa Barbara City College. From there I transferred to the University of California San Diego where I graduated with a degree in philosophy. I’m currently back home in Arizona working as a consultant in the medical/recreational marijuana industry. Music is still my passion and you can catch me at just about any reggae show that comes through the Valley of the Sun.

Reach out at anytime about anything at all! Cheers!