Saturday Feb 17
Juan Barragan

Where to start? I’m originally from South Norwalk, Connecticut, and moved to San Diego for school. I graduated from the University of San Diego in May of 2014, and the experience was transformational. Yea, I learned a bunch of stuff, but the most important change was the plethora of shows that I went to in those four years.

I discovered bands like Perro Bravo, Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Rebelution, Pour Habit, among others. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of money going to shows, but that all changed in 2013 when I joined the music industry. The goal in life, in my opinion, is to find something that you love, and try and find a way to get money doing it. In my case, I wrote reviews and got into shows for free, a perfect trade-off. I guess a pivotal moment came when Michael Patti read my interview with Miguel Happoldt from Sublime and Perro Bravo. He found the read interesting and decided to bring me on board with The Pier.

Be forewarned though, although I mentioned I didn’t know a lot of these bands before coming here, I have an extensive background in music, and I’m a very harsh critic as you can tell by my writing. The purpose with that is to be honest with the bands so that they can take that feedback and try to improve, which in the end, benefits everyone. So that’s pretty much all you need to know about me for the moment! Go read my next album review, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to say about it!

Instagram = @JuanBarragan1904