Monday Jan 22
Katey Schoenberger

Katey-1-2_small2 I was born and raised in San Jose, CA 45 minutes from the big city of San Francisco and 30 minutes from Santa Cruz. My love for photography began in 2008, it was my junior year of high school when I enrolled in our black and white photography class, it was entirely film based and we developed our own film and prints. This process amazed me, I never realized how much thought and dedication goes into capturing a quality image. I continued to take every photography course at Willow Glen High School onto West Valley College where I received my Liberal Arts degree in Arts & Humanities in 2015.

My favorite subject to shoot since day one has always been musicians. I was introduced to a touring band that were friends of my cousin when I was 16; I was very intimidated to finally meet them and was shocked when I was greeted with hugs. Since then, I have been an avid supporter of any type of local/touring/independent musician. When I received my first DSLR for my high school graduation, I began going to as many local shows as possible; no matter the genre. My goal was to shoot for as many bands as I could in hopes of capturing great content for them to share on their media sites and to help others see what I saw.

By 2015 I was gaining access to more shows and I started Mad Harmony Photography, striving to capture harmonious moments specializing in live music photography. I was able to shoot Nahko and Medicine for the People several times from the crowd and my photos gained notice of Josue Rivas who graciously introduced me to writer Julia Goodman of The Pier.

Joining The Pier family in 2016 is a great step forward in my path for a career in music photography allowing me once in a lifetime opportunities I wouldn’t get anywhere else. My mission working with The Pier is to capture the love and passion that I know all Reggae-Rock artists share and to continue to spread the love.