Saturday Feb 17
Keenan Donath

Born, raised, and currently attending college in the great state of California. Somewhere along the way I heard reggae music and have not stopped listening since. What began as an obsession has now developed into an opportunity to express myself through covering the scene. I got my start creating articles for and I am looking forward to pushing the limits with my work on The Pier.

My musical tendencies are firmly rooted in some of the best reggae-rock coming out of California. I have always had a sufficient supply of songs by Slightly Stoopid and Rebelution in my iTunes library, even as I have started to discover eclectic genres of all types that pique my interest. Keeping your ears open to diverse branches of music both old and new, I believe is the best way to elevate your taste in music. Whether its Tribal Seeds or A Tribe Called Quest, you will always find me with an ear-bud in.

If I am not listening to music then I am probably covering a sporting event or playing golf. The former I do for the sports section of my university’s student newspaper and the latter I do just for me. I study Economics and Spanish at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California and am a dedicated San Francisco Giants fan to boot.