Saturday Feb 17
Kit Chalberg

I am an all around music lover—especially live music. I grew up listening to BB King, U2, Johnny Cash and later transitioned to the likes of Blues Traveler, Counting Crows and Dave Matthews Band—and today I find myself listening to Citizen Cope, Rebelution, SOJA, State Radio and Passafire.

I am drawn to great storytellers and inspired by great stories—especially great stories put into songs. I believe we all connect to music in our own way, but often times the deepest connections are with songs that tell some part, or all, of our individual stories. This is what I aspire to bring to The Pier and Reggae-Rock fans—telling great stories through writing and imagery. I have been creating live concert imagery for years, from the smallest clubs to the legendary Red Rocks Ampitheatre. More recently, I was inspired by a chance encounter with reggae artist Matisyahu while shooting for the Pier. I told (The Pier editor) Mike Patti about the encounter and he encouraged me to write an article. I wrote the article and now, along with photography, I have another outlet to share my live music experiences.

When I’m not at a show, you can find me hanging out with my wife Amber and dogs Alma and Lola, camping in the Colorado mountains or barbequing in my back yard. If you see me at a show, please come say “Hi” and tell me why you love Reggae-Rock music!

Instagram = @KitChalbergPhotography