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Review: Wait For Green – Self Titled

Wait For Green – Self Titled
Track Listing:
1.) How Far I’ve Come
2.) Let the Record Play
3.) Instincts
4.) Elevate
5.) Swing My Way
6.) Next Wave
7.) Slow Riding
8.) Nobody Listening
9.) Day One
10.) Falling Into Place

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: November 22nd, 2011
Record Label: Go For Broke Records
Official Website: Wait For Green Website

Group Background:
Wait For Green, formed in 2006 at Florida State University, has diverse influences with members from Florida, Southern California and Rio De Janerio. After wining battle of the bands Wait For Green gained a lot of exposure and exploded on the Florida college radio circuit. In the last few years the band has played with Slightly Stoopid, Reel Big Fish, Blues Traveler, and Rebelution (just to name a few!).

Album Review:
Wait For Green’s self-titled album is stocked full of lighthearted pop-rock reggae with some sure fire hits mixed in. These are songs I can imagine myself singing along to and with catchy melodies and simple, yet powerful lyrics; it’s hard not to sing along after the very first listen.

“Let the Record Play” and “Next Wave” are both solid tracks featuring more complex melodies, plenty of skanking guitar licks with an almost 311-esque overall vibe. Both songs show the bands ability to pull influences from other artists but also add their own twist to a genre that is full of so much of the same.

My favorite track on the album is the last one, “Falling Into Place”, and I think it ties together all the subsequent tracks quite nicely. With more of an upbeat rock edge strung throughout the main verses, the mellow chorus allows front man Drew Dockerills’ voice to stand out. It’s damn catchy, plain and simple and I love it.

Long time Wait For Green fans will recognize the track “Day One” from their 2008 LP, In Motion. The fact that they pulled this track out of the vault and that it still sounds so modern even though its 4 years old just shows us how good Wait For Green has always been. Hopefully this new full-length album will help them get the attention they deserve.

Wait For Green obviously put a lot of time and hard work into their upcoming self-titled release and is something they can be proud of. I think this album will garner them a lot of new fans and bump them up a notch in the music scene.

Written & Reviewed by: Ashley Allred

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9 Responses to Review: Wait For Green – Self Titled

  1. Aaron D says:

    3 Stars? This album deserves 5!!!

  2. Alex says:

    Why only 3 stars? When I visit the pier, I do not expect masterful journalism or a technical break down of the musical elements. This review does not give me any idea of what to expect from this album. Simply stating you liked three songs is fine, but I don’t care unless you expand on that. Talk about the style of the music and what each track has to offer both artistically and technically. It would be nice to know how the bands sound has evolved, or at the very least an idea of what the album brings at a whole. Also, if your only going to provide three stars talk about what was missing that makes it 3/5.

  3. Ashley says:

    Alex, you’re right. I only really liked 3 songs on the album. And while I did enjoy those songs, I didn’t feel it was 5 star quality. I articulated what I liked about the album and hope the band only continues to evolve musically.

    But I do appreciate your feedback. Have you checked out The Pier forum? The forum is all yours to submit any thoughts or opinions about the album and to share them with the other readers (and writers) on The Pier.

    Much love!

  4. Dub Diezel says:

    It’s funny because that almost looks like somethnig I ‘d exactly say about the band in this review as I have stated some of the exact points as stated in something I typed up about them on the two free songs they gave the Pier awhile back. Couldn’t agree more with Alex’s comment. Also Ashely if you love the very last song (‘Falling into Place”) so much, you outta here Drew and the bands original version of it, the chorus is different and Drews sings it in a way as how he sings it towards the end of the track in the lower voice tone version and doesnt sing it in the pop sounding way as he does the majority way on this version. They polished some tracks up like next wave, swing my way, and how far i’ve come as those songs were re-recorded. Overall a good album and the song Slow Riding is a great addition.

  5. Dub Diezel says:

    Also I meant hear not here

  6. Danielle says:

    Really enjoying this album! Not the usual white boy reggae format, and its a breath of fresh air!

  7. Chris says:

    3 out of 5!? Can you tell us why? I understand it’s just your opinion, but your review doesn’t seem to match with the star rating at all. Obviously this isn’t a dub or straight reggae album so I can see why someone expecting that kind of style or more 311 style would rate it like that, but hopefully you aren’t biased towards them for not putting out a reggae album and instead having a slightly more pop sound. I love 311, Incubus, Passafire, and those types, but I can completely see what the guys from Wait For Green are trying to do here and its appeal to as many people as possible and they definitely will succeed at that!

  8. OGMP760 says:

    When i think of a 5/5 Star Album Review (which there are NONE on The Pier Thus Far), i think of an album that is a complete game changer. From start to finish, every song on there can be a single or make future playlists for YEARS to come. Those albums are RARE! A 3/5 Star Album Rating is an endorsing review. I see that as a decent album with a few good songs. Thats about as much as you can ask from any album. It doesnt have to be 311 or Passafire to merit a high star rating. It’s a matter of how the album sounds from start to finish with production to lyrics to originality to likability…How many of these songs will be on future playlists 10 years from now? If the answer is every song, then i’d say you have a 5/5 Star Album Rating. While i dont see that with this album, its still a good album! This is a decent album with a few good songs and i agree with the rating & review. Sometimes its best to just review the album from start to finish without comparison or giving it a progress report from prior albums. There’s no overselling of the album here, just an honest review of a decent album.

  9. Sammy says:

    what happened to wait for green? we have enough pop bands in the world! i prefer their previous releases. this lacks the originality they used to have.,. 3 stars is fair i guess but i was hopin for sumthing better from these dudes!

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