The Pier Pack (Stickers, Buttons & Guitar Picks)

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Exclusively for those that just want to purchase some accessories of The Pier. Keep in mind these are all FREE with physical outgoing orders.

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Before you do anything, we give away FREE Pier Stickers, Buttons & Guitar Picks with EVERY physical out-going order. We give them away at live events or Meet N Greets we host and we’re big proponents of these accessories being FREE. But for those of you who just want some Pier accessories, we’ve enabled this option just for you to pick these up at a low cost that basically covers our restocking and shipping.

When we send out your order, we will also include other misc. accessories we have in stock from various bands and artists. All the sales that come in from these purchases go right back into restocking these and other Pier accessories. If by chance we’re out of any one of the accessories you purchase, we’ll send you a whole other order for FREE once we’ve restocked. If you want all of one and none of the other, just include that in the comments of your purchase and we’ll accommodate!

Stickers: Perfect to slap on the bumper of your car, guitar, guitar-case, drum-kit, surfboard, skateboard, snowboard or any establishment that welcomes stickers!

Buttons: Perfect to pin on bags, backpacks, hats, beanies, fedoras, jackets, hoodies and a great way to show your support to the Reggae-Rock community. Be generous by sharing with your friends and make sure they go to good use; avoiding the closet floor or desk drawers for eternity.

Guitar Picks: For the first time ever, The Pier has custom Guitar Picks. These medium-weight custom Guitar Picks come courtesy of our friends over at Ernie Ball. With The Pier logo on one side and Ernie Ball on the other, we'd love for you to send us the songs you write using The Pier Guitar Picks.