Matisyahu & Jimmy Cliff Special!

The third Saturday in April has been dubbed “Record Store Day” across the United States. This ongoing tradition is now entering its fourth-year, and is the one day each year that artists and retailers come together to celebrate the unique culture of the record store.

The Green Music Video & Tour!

The Green just released a new music video for the song “Love & Affection” from their latest album Ways & Means! The video was filmed in Hawaii in late September and directed by //kneeon..

Mike Pinto’s LIVE In-Home Performance

In the technology world that we all live in today, music lovers are in heaven with good tunes right at their fingertips. Now, it is becoming more and more frequent to see live performances streaming on the web. Thursday, November 17th will be no different.

Fortunate Youth’s Holidaze Tour!

Fortunate Youth, a reggae band from the Los Angeles area of California, just recently announced the launch of the One Love Holidaze Tour which is set to begin

808’s Point Panic Music Festival

When national touring acts map out their journey through the states, often times Hawai’i is not included as a destination on tour. Yet, the major names in the reggae-rock community never forget the love and devotion the islands posses for the reggae sound. This rings true for Sublime w/Rome, Pepper and Iration

Rebelution Releases 3rd Song!

Since Rebelution announced their fully loaded triple album to be released on January 10th, 2012, the band has been gracious to their devoted fan base releasing three songs off of the upcoming Peace of Mind album. Thus far,

Updated Concert Articles!

Luckily we didn’t have to choose between The Expendables & Stranger vs seeing The Dirty Heads live. We were actually able to catch both events last week and now, we have the recap complete with photos. Lets read on..

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