Tommy Dubs “Ebb Tide Motel” Release

Tommy Dubs is now on the verge of releasing his 5th full length album, and his second with Seismic Leveler. The set release date for the new album titled Ebb Tide Motel to hit the stores is August 18th, only a few short weeks away.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds Announces Fall Tour!

As the summer season brings relentless touring, two of the more notable bands within the community have already set their sights for a productive fall touring schedule. Los Angeles’ Alternative Rock-Reggae outfit Tomorrows Bad Seeds, which is

Backstage: A Reel Big Fish Story

Backstage: A Reel Big Fish Story SETTING THE STAGE: I am always pleasantly surprised when (inter)nationally touring bands take the time to sit down for an interview. For the majority of bands, touring is not the “glamorous” spectacle filled with free catering, alcohol and backstage groupies that many fans imagine it to be. Rather, touring [...]

Video: Busy Signal – Kingston Town (Feat. Damian Marley)

This is the official music video for Busy Signal’s collaboration with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley on the remix of “Kingston Town” off of his latest album, REGGAE Music Again. You can pick up a copy of the song on iTunes by clicking HERE. Enjoy the video…

Reggae Snoop Dog, Now Snoop Lion!

Guess who’s back? The one and only D-O-Double-G has hit the airwaves once again, and this time the hip-hop rapper from Long Beach, California has brought the Jamaican reggae rhythms to the forefront.

Long Beach Dub Allstars To Play Shoreline Jam Fest ’12

The 2nd annual Shoreline Jam Music Festival at the Queen Mary Event Park announced their stellar line up on Monday. On September 1, 2012, gates will open to welcome reggae fans to check out Long Beach Dub Allstars, The Wailers, Black Uhuru, Ballyhoo!, Passafire,

Stoopid’s New Album Track Listing…

With each week passing this summer, another band in the Reggae-Rock community either releases an album or reveals details regarding an upcoming album. With Hall of Fame inductees, mainstream touring acts & bands on the rise in the rear view mirrors, it’s time to take a look at