Sabotage Soundsystem to Release New Song Each Month

Sabotage Soundsystem is a side project started by Pepper guitarist/vocalist Kaleo Wassman and former Pepper sound-man Remy Derochemont who released their first album The Boto Machine Gun via Volcom Entertainment in 2009. Now on Law Records, they will be releasing a new single each month for a year. We reached out to Kaleo who had […]

Dub Rockers 420 Compilation ‘High Society Reggae’

In celebration of the annual 4/20 festivities, Dub Rockers is releasing a brand new compilation album titled ‘High Society Reggae’ set for official official release on April 20th, 2018. On Thursday, April 19th they will have two simultaneous ‘High Society Reggae’ album launch events in Los Angeles and Brooklyn.