The Kaleidoscope Kid Premieres “Fight or Flight” Official Music Video

The Kaleidoscope Kid is excited to announce his debut self-titled studio album is out now with Suburban Noize Records. The new album takes listeners into an ethereal world that’s equal parts relatable and entrancing with The Kaleidoscope Kid and his dog, Blue. Taking pieces of his life and translating them into his sound, Kaleidoscope has [...]

Behind the Photo: Lou Dog Is Not Inside the Van!!

Ryan White from SRH explains the story behind an iconic Sublime photo and Losing Lou Doug: In the mid 90’s, Sublime shows were always a little sketchy. We always knew they’d show up, but they sure made us sweat more than a few times, skipping any kind of sound check and showing up right when […]

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds Release New Single Featuring Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth

South Bay rock-reggae outfit Tomorrows Bad Seeds have released their new single “iBurn” featuring Dan Kelly from Fortunate Youth on all digital music platforms. The group’s new single “iBurn” takes the the breezy melodies that have been a trademark of Tomorrows Bad Seeds sound and blends it with the smooth grooves of Fortunate Youth. “Dan […]

Long Beach Dub Allstars “Easy Dub” Video featuring Roger Rivas

The Long Beach Dub Allstars are back with more good vibes and catchy music with “Easy Dub,” available tonight on all streaming platforms. This song was initially released as a limited edition vinyl a couple weeks back, along with “Higher Dub” — done after “Easy” and “Higher Rank” from their 2020 self-titled album. These dub […]

The Kaleidoscope Kid Interview at the Suburban Noize Records Studio

Joshua Murphy, better known as The Kaleidoscope Kid, sat down with The Pier at the Suburban Noize Studios, where we got to know the whole story behind one of the most talked about new artists on the block. Through battling an autoimmune disease that almost cost him his life, The Kaleidoscope Kid and his dog […]