Pepper & The Wine Boss Make Their No Shame Chardonnay Available

Since 2017, Pepper has been making award-winning wine with their partner, Thomas Booth aka The Wine Boss of Paseo Robles, CA, as they look to add to that success with the drop of another Pepper wine, the No Shame Chardonnay. Pepper guitarist/vocalist, Kaleo Wassman, tells The Pier: “We didn’t want to just license our name […]

Benched Pepper Song Gets Remixed & Released via Sabotage Soundsystem

In 2006, Pepper released an 18-track record titled, No Shame. A certain song was benched from the U.S. release of that album and now Kaleo’s side-project, Sabotage Soundsystem, dropped a Naughty Don remix of it on Aug 26th via Law Records. If you didn’t already know, Sabotage Soundsystem is a side project started by Pepper […]