Daniel Bambaata Marley’s New Single!

Daniel Bambaata Marley’s New Single!

Released on January 8, 2014, Daniel Bambaata Marley, son of Ziggy Marley and grandson of the legend himself, Bob Marley, has released his newest track “Protect My Crown”.
Produced by Crash Dummy Productions the song features a blend of hip-hop, as well as dancehall underneath Daniel’s own reggae influence. The song is planned to be one of many off of his upcoming album debut sometime in the future as he is in the studio currently working on the project.

Daniel has spent his life coming up through a lineage of great reggae artists, so it is not a surprise that he looks to break away with his own unique hip-hop and reggae blend. Since seeing his own career rise he has been featured on songs with his father, Ziggy, on the song “Changes” in 2011 as well as with his cousin Joseph on the track “My Girl”.

He started touring the United States in 2012 and looks to make a name for himself in a family of so much talent. Back in July of this year, The Pier got a chance to interview Daniel so if you haven’t checked that out be sure to read the Interview by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Andrew McClatchy

Listen: Daniel Bambaata Marley – “Treat You Right”