Iration’s 2015 ‘Hotting Up’ Fall Tour

Iration’s 2015 ‘Hotting Up’ Fall Tour

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Iration is hitting the road this fall with The Green, The Movement, and Hours Eastly for their “Hotting Up” tour, and guitarist/vocalist Micah Pueschel of Iration promises it’ll be like nothing you’ve seen before.

“It’s three bands that we’ve toured with before and that we really love,” says Pueschel.
Starting October 8th at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee, Iration will be traveling the country alongside The Green, The Movement, and Hours Eastly, and will also be joined by special guests SOJA and J Boog during select performances throughout Texas.

“We’re bringing a whole new production with this tour,” says Pueschel. “The set lists, the light show, everything is going to be different and new. We take a lot pride in the light show and the whole presentation and production, so all of that is going to be new for people who have seen us live in the past.”

Since taking them on their first tour, Iration has been happy to see fellow Hawaiians The Green reach the level of success they’ve achieved over the past several years. Micah shared his excitement over touring with a group that they consider brothers, and was equally excited to share the stage with South Carolina based The Movement. The lesser-known band on the tour is one that Iration believes in strongly, which is why they’re doing for Hours Eastly what Pepper did for them in the early part of their career.

“Hours Eastly is a band that we’re trying to grow under our wing. We feel that they’re a very talented group that makes really good music. They have a lot of potential and we feel like they just need to be put in front of ears.”

The tour will make several stops throughout the South, Midwest, and East Coast before coming to a close at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. So to guarantee your spot at the new and improved Iration tour, check the dates below and get your tickets ASAP.

Next Tuesday, Sept 22nd, we will publish our Hotting Up with Iration feature where Micah Pueschel goes over all 9 tracks of their new album Hotting Up that dropped on August 28th.

You can purchase Hotting Up on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Iration Tour Dates

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Article By: Andrew Aroche

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