Kevin Kinsella’s Fourth Solo Album

Kevin Kinsella’s Fourth Solo Album

Not many can boast such a musical career as Kevin Kinsella. He has founded two highly-honored reggae bands, performed with many famed musicians and most recently he has released a ream of solo records. Kinsella, who discovered reggae at the age of 12 for the first time, continues to crave a variety of musical settings, as outlined by his illustrious career.
Twenty-seven years ago, then fifteen year old Kevin Kinsella was just heaving his Marley-driven aspirations into the local reggae scene with The Tribulations. In his off-time performing & writing with 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Kinsella has been focusing on his own aspirations as a solo artist.

On October 21st, Kinsella will release his fourth solo record Riding Higher Still on his own imprint label, I Town Records. The goal? To recapture long-time fans with a timeless message & unmistaken voice.

In his solo career, Kinsella has been known to infuse elements of the folk and acoustic genres into his easy-listening writing style. His 2011 release, Great Design even included a cover of the once-great Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash.

Riding Higher Still however, is the manifestation of his career as a true devotee to modern Roots Reggae music. The album features ten unprecedented songs, meaning ten different exploitations of Kinsella’s creative spirit and soul. The mystic self-titled track, Riding Higher Still has been circulating since early October.

You can pick up the new album on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Kevin Kinsella – Riding Higher Still
Kevin-Kinsella-Riding-Higher-Still-Album-Preview1.) Don’t Toy With Me
2.) Morning Time
3.) Brain Food
4.) Walking In The Air
5.) Roots Mansion
6.) The Gift
7.) Headlock
8.) Lately Girl
9.) Riding Higher Still
10.) Sunday Morning

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Article By: Matt Emodi

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