Landon McNamara Asks: What Really Matters?

Landon McNamara Asks: What Really Matters?

Today the multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter, Landon McNamara has dropped his newest single “If You Only Knew.”  And shared the series of events that lead the pro-surf and musician to share his feelings about life and misplaced importance in the new song.

Released on the tastemaker label Controlled Substance Sound Labs / Silverback Music, the new single ask the profound question: “If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do today? When you take that last breath, would you feel content on how your time was spent?” 

Landon comments, “At the moment I made the song, my drummer and good friend Kimo ( who also produced this song)… He had just left from visiting his father who had been in the hospital just before he passed away and he shared what he was going through, it filled me with the feelings that this song was born from.”

He continues, “I think a lot of us including myself get blinded by a lot of bullshit that we think is so important, but at the end of it all, what really matters? If you only knew it was all bullshit before it was too late and you’re at death’s door, I guess that’s what I’m tryna have people think about, figure it out and go for it while you still can. Love conquers all,” comments Landon.

Catch the new single here:


By James Wright