Live: Slightly Stoopid (2-1-12)

Live: Slightly Stoopid (2-1-12)

Date: Wednesday, February 1st 2012
Line up: Slightly Stoopid
Location: PGA Tour Phoenix Open at The Bird’s Nest. Scottsdale, AZ

It is always an overzealous spectacle when Slightly Stoopid performs in front of a carnival crowd. On a seemingly ordinary night in Scottsdale, Arizona, the unexpected pairing of reggae music and professional golf took hold of the electric nightlife at the PGA Tour Phoenix Open. With the golf course greens less than a hundred yards behind the stage, the atmosphere inside “The Bird’s Nest” grew in anticipation for the headlining act for the second straight year: Slightly Stoopid.

As the sun went down behind the rolling hills, party-goers, golf enthusiasts and corporate officials all gathered in the open-air festival setup, until the musicians from San Diego, California unleashed their live instrumental opener “Glocks”. Once the first crash cymbal was hit by Ryan Moran (drums), the entire eight-man ensemble, including Karl Denson on Saxophone, joined together to serenade the crowd inside a massive tent, complete with two jumbo-trons, a light show that was best suited for the Las Vegas strip, and plenty of go-go dancers lining the side walls.

The one off performance that Slightly Stoopid belted out from the stage was not a typical full-length set witnessed on tour by these tireless road warriors. Even with an hour and thirty minutes of music with only a DJ to warm up the crowd, the band mixed and matched crowd favorites from years past such as “False Rhythms”, “Til It Gets Wet”, “Officer”, “Collie Man”, “Baby I Like It”, and “Couldn’t Get High”. However, for a relatively secluded event with more VIP attendees than general admission, the true fans got a taste of new Slightly Stoopid music.

With talk of a new album in the works for 2012, two brand new songs were performed to nothing less than high praise from the enclosed crowd. Without a set list to identify the inception of these new ditties, the only way to describe the new sound, is to revert back to the old timeless favorites we all know and love. The horns were upbeat and energetic. Kyle’s bass kept bumping, as it always will, while Miles held down the guitar and sang on the unidentified tracks. Uplifting is a good word to describe these new tracks. After getting just a small sample of what the new album will sound like, fans will be rushing out to get Slightly Stoopid’s new work in an instant.

Before the night was through, the entire band came back onstage for an extended encore of their live staple “Sensimilla”. Normally a golf tournament or a country club is suited for white-collar professionals, but for nearly ten minutes, the entire crowd sang along with Miles in unison. No matter what the platform is for a Slightly Stoopid show, the crowd ultimately embraces the musical style and free spirit endeavors of the Ocean Beach natives.

In Scottsdale, AZ, at a golf course, Slightly Stoopid planted their flag as top-tier live performers, once again. After returning for a second straight year, it would be no surprise if “The Bird’s Nest” extends an invitation to return for a third consecutive year in 2013.

– Article By: Kris Siuta
– Photos By: IrieAZPhoto

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