Rebelution’s New Album: Falling Into Place

Rebelution’s New Album: Falling Into Place

Rebelution announces June 3rd as the official release date of their fifth studio album, Falling Into Place. Along with the announcement, the band treated their fans by leaking two new tracks off the record with “Upper Hand” and “Know it All.”

Recorded as a joint venture by their 87 Music label and Easy Star Records, Falling Into Place is a compilation of 11 tracks and features Protoje on the second track, “Inhale Exhale”. Front-man, Eric Rachmany states “We named the album Falling Into Place because all of our varied inspirations and experiences came together into one cohesive collection of music that we all really love.”

Rebleution has proved to be a solid unit over the last 12 years being one of the most well known modern reggae-rock bands. They first came together in 2004 while attending college in Isla Vista, where they were just a few buddies jamming together. Fast forward to 2016, and we will now witness the release of their fifth studio album, Falling Into Place.

Two of the tracks were shared last week via Billboard which can be heard below. Both songs share that classic Rebelution sound with catchy, thoughtful lyrics and strong horns. “Know it All” incorporates a funky guitar solo which I found added a lot to the song. “Upper Hand” is a catchy and it’s easy for everyone to relate to; this one has been on repeat on my own personal playlist all week!

Pre-orders for the new album will begin April 29th at Rebelution’s website.

Rebelution – Falling Into Place Track List:
Falling Into Place Cover1.) Know It All
2.) Inhale Exhale (feat. Protoje)
3.) Upper Hand
4.) Lay My Claim
5.) Pretty Lady
6.) Santa Barbara
7.) Those Days
8.) Mirage
9.) Free Up Your Mind
10.) High On Life
11.) Breakdown

Listen: Rebelution – “Know It All” + “Upper Hand”

Rebelution’s Falling Into Place Summer Tour:

If you caught Rebelution during their Winter Greens Tour, you may have also heard the opening track to the album, “Inhale Exhale” featuring Protoje. With their summer tour fast approaching, we can’t help but to anticipate hearing more of these new songs live.

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Rebelution will celebrate the release of the album with their Falling Into Place Summer Tour. The tour lineup is stacked with groups all covering different reggae styles. From Hawaii, acting as direct support, is The Green + J Boog. Covering your roots dub reggae is Stick Figure and Through the Roots bringing that reggae-rock. Also in the mix is DJ Mackle!

The Summer tour will include 25 total dates from their Red Rocks show in Morrison, CO on June 3rd to August 20th at Big Sky Brewery in Missoula, MT. The summer tour will reach 20 different states including 4 dates in Florida and 3 in California.

You can find the dates and additional links below…

Rebelution Tour Dates

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Article By: Julia Goodman