The Pier: Meet N Greets at Cali-Roots

The Pier: Meet N Greets at Cali-Roots

Cisco Adler

Meet-N-Greet-612x612-TheMovementCisco Adler is from Los Angeles and is the son of music producer Lou Adler. He was the front man for the band Whitestarr & after leaving in 2008, he has been embarking on a lively and successful solo career as a singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer.

He has been working extensively with hip-hop artist Shwayze. They have released three albums together and have reached the Billboard charts on multiple occasions. Cisco Adler has worked with Wiz Khalifa, Mickey Avalon, and Kidd Russell, adding to his diverse and talented resume.

Last year, the Malibu Beach artist and rapper Tayyib Ali released their song “One Way”, a smooth and well-crafted song that shows a lot of chemistry Cisco Adler can bring to a musical partnership. He also released his solo EP, entitled Mahalo, in 2013 boasting a fresh and foot tapping summer sound, including “Motorbike” featuring Reeves of Aer.

Cisco Adler is currently working on a new album that features some special guest appearances. During the Meet N Greet, feel free to ask him who he’s been working with lately as there are 2 pretty big features fans can look forward to hearing him with. This is the first Meet N Greet The Pier has done with Cisco Adler and we look forward to introducing him !

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