Upcoming Ziggy Marley Interview

Upcoming Ziggy Marley Interview

Coming Tuesday, April 1st, we will share our Exclusive Interview with reggae-icon Ziggy Marley where he discusses his new album Fly Rasta, winning a Grammy & the upcoming California Roots Festival.

When asked about his reaction to winning a Grammy for Best Reggae Album of the Year, Ziggy Marley paused, and stated casually that he was watching a soccer game that day, but it was respectable honor.
Any other musician would appear ungrateful for the award, but Ziggy Marley is of a whole other mindset. His nonchalant attitude is a testament to his wholesome focus on the music and the message, not the fame and prestige. He is a man of tremendous humility and love for the universe, and The Pier was eager to channel some of that passion during an interview about his latest projects.

In response to questions about his most recent accomplishments, like his upcoming album release, filming music videos with his daughter, or his international tour, Ziggy found a way to unwaveringly attribute his achievement back to the audience and the universe. The interview was refreshingly inspirational and lacked the generic canned answers that artists of his same level of success often give.

This year is full of new ways Ziggy is flourishing through exploring new sounds alongside family members in his upcoming album, Fly Rasta, or performing at venues or events he’s never played before, like the California Roots Festival in May. His unfathomably high level of energy for each new project is all part of his ambition to spread his message to the world. Whether publishing a children’s book, heading activist organizations, launching an entire health food line, or creating a comic book featuring a marijuana-loving superhero, Ziggy has nonstop ideas for expanding. Yet, if you think he’s commercially motivated in his pursuits, think again.

“It’s all to expand where I am and where the message lives, because the message doesn’t only live in the music, the message lives in comic books, the message lives in children’s books, the message lives in food. It’s just a way to expand the message.”

Fans can expect to gain more valuable insight and life advice from the inspirational Marley’s message in our upcoming full-length exclusive interview.

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Article by: Erin Walsh

Listen: Ziggy Marley – “Moving Forward” (ft. Beezy Coleman)