Collie Buddz 2014 Summer Swizzle Tour


Recently releasing new tracks in collaboration with several of Reggea-Rock’s favorite acts, following a bit of studio time on his own project, Collie Buddz is set to bring his high energy live show to fans across the US and Europe this summer.

Interview: Jo Mersa Marley

As a third generation Marley, Jo Mersa has whole-heartedly embraced the family legacy, and is making a name for himself in the music industry. With Jo barely taking a break in between touring with his father, Stephen Marley, and hitting the road again with Slightly Stoopid, The Pier was lucky enough to chat with him [...]

Backstage: A Cisco Adler Story

Backstage: A Cisco Adler Story SETTING THE STAGE: Summer is a busy season as each professional band tours the countryside while promoting their latest record and sharing news to come. Cisco Adler stopped by The Pier booth during the 5th Annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival in Monterey, CA to talk about his music, [...]