The Pier is your premiere online destination for news, interviews, reviews and updates from the reggae-rock community

With over two decades of rich history and roots that run deep throughout the genre, The Pier is the original hub for the reggae-rock community.


During the early years, The Pier staff were there in the crowd filming grainy VHS quality and taking pictures with disposable cameras to document the scene and the music we all loved. The Pier has a long history with many of the bands within the scene that has naturally allowed us to get content and access that no other site has.

Today with the newly re-launched site, The Pier continues to spread the love and awareness  of reggae-Rock with their network of writers, photographers, and team members spread throughout the United States and the rest of the world.
The site will embrace all the bands from the scene that we have all come to grow and love and will expand it to include artists from DNA adjacent sub-genres to continue to expand the scope of the community. The Pier’s main objective is to spread the word about good times and great music.