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The Pier community supports the ever-growing Reggae-rock scene blowing up in the USA and around the world today. From artist interviews to album and concert reviews, The Pier has been embraced as the official home to the scene with the most reliable and quality content, spotlighting all of your favorite artists and groups in the Reggae-Rock genre. The artists and fans of this scene are the heart and soul of everything we do.

The Pier was formed on Aug 15th 2007 as a daily news blog with interviews, album reviews and FREE music focusing on the Reggae-Rock genre. Our FREE music extends to our MP3 Leak of the Week every Sunday as well as our dedicated FREE music section with our MP3 Massive. In addition, fans can also view all of their favorite bands inside our built-in Show Locator as well as our weekend Show Locator article that’s posted on our homepage every Friday.

In August of 2009 The Pier celebrated its 1st official release with The Pier Comp Vol. 1 that was sponsored by Skullcandy and Gravity Skateboards. At the time of its release, The Pier Comp Vol. 1 featured New and Unreleased music by 19 different artists submitting 19 songs exclusive to the compilation. The Pier Comp Vol. 1 was the first physical release of the hit single “Lay Me Down” performed by The Dirty Heads featuring Rome of Sublime with Rome. In its 1st release, The Pier Comp Vol. 1 has sold in 30+ states and 10 different countries by word of mouth, exclusively through The Pier’s own shopping cart.

The Pier continues to make its progressive strides with upgrades and additions to both the Site and Staff adding experienced photographers, journalists, writers & social media relatons. We here at The Pier are constantly finding ways to expand and elevate our format to remain your No. 1 online resource for all up to date news and music from the Reggae-Rock Community.