How can my band/music be featured on The Pier?
Send in a standard press-kit that includes your Press Photo & Bio, All Active Links, Album Discography & an link to download your music. You can email this to Please include all return contact info. We will do our best to review & respond in a timely matter. If after a week, you have not heard back, please follow up with us as we do receive a lot of music submissions and we do our best to field all incoming inquiries….Plus we really do appreciate follow-ups!

Are you guys hiring?
Unfortunately there are no paid positions available at this time. We do offer internships for those looking to build their resume, network & experience in research & reporting, writing, photography, PR & social media. If you’re still interested in joining The Pier in some capacity, send an email to

How can I be a Writer/Photographer for The Pier?
Send an email to with your name, location & any background/experience you may have in writing/photographery. Feel free to attach any work you’ve written in the past for us to review or a portfolio of your photos. Let us know who your favorite groups are & how you came to find out about The Pier!

Where can I find your old FREE Samplers to download? Will any of your previous FREE Samplers be available for FREE download again?
-Unfortunately we don’t own the rights or licensing to any of the music. As a result, the samplers we were able to release for FREE, were limited to a specific time frame as part of the agreement to release those Samplers. You may find luck inside our Pier Forum by starting a thread, asking other users/fans if they have any of the previously released samplers to send you. The good news is we have a portion of our site dedicated to FREE Music. Our MP3 Massive Section is where you can find pages of FREE MP3’s from various groups. No-hassle downloads & it’s updated every Wednesday:

How come the Show Locator doesn’t allow me to search by zip code?
With our current Show Locator, it pulls from the database. So as long as bands update their tour schedule via their account with BandsInTown, it’ll reflect inside our Show Locator when you search by band. Unfortunately BandsInTown doesn’t have an option to search by Zip Code, so we can conveniently search upcoming nearby shows. It is something we’re looking into once we have a bigger budget. It is a great idea, it’s just finding a way to build it ourselves & be able to consistently manage it, however this is very much on our radar. In the meantime, we have our built-in Show Locator as well as our Weekend Show Locator that we post on the homepage every Friday, announcing all of the Friday, Saturday & Sunday shows.