Sublime’s “Live at The Palace” DVD!

Sublime’s “Live at The Palace” DVD!

The wait is almost over! Earlier this month it was announced through all Sublime media outlets, that a brand new Live DVD of a classic ’95 Sublime performance in Hollywood, CA is set to be released this summer!

On June 18th, 2013, you will officially be able to own a copy of history with Sublime’s 3-Ring Circus: Live at The Palace. This legendary performance was filmed in Hollywood, California back on October 21st, 1995. The 3-Ring Circus tour featured the late Wesley Willis and his Fiasco Band, Lordz of Brooklyn, and Incubus, who was then just known as a young group from the valley.

The DVD, also known as “The Bootleg Series,” will be the first release of live Sublime footage featuring all original members, including Lou Dog, in 7 years! With 27 songs fully performed by the LBC legends, the DVD comes in at over 70minutes!

You can be sure to hear most of your favorites in what is now considered rare form. For those who have never looked up an original Sublime performance, you are in for a real treat with this release from the vaults. You will be witness to Bradley Nowell’s timeless talent, as well as his infamous freestyles during the band’s live shows. Eric Wilson calmly puffs on a cigar and kills the basslines to every song, while Bud Gaugh is in the back with his one of a kind style of lifting his drumstick high in the air, punishing the snare drum. Lou Dog is also seen hanging around on stage with the band throughout the entire performance.

The classic footage will be available for purchase in 3 different formats. The deluxe package with DVD and CD includes a bonus disc of the band’s show at the Las Palmas Theater with a commemorative laminated backstage pass and an exclusive poster. Picking up the DVD by itself will include the full performance, plus bonus features. Lastly, you can purchase just the CD audio that has been fully mixed and mastered.

With this being Sublime’s first ever complete live recording on DVD and CD, 3-Ring Circus: Live at The Palace 10/21/1995 is a must own! Since the band performed their first official show on July 4th, 1988, this release also celebrates the 25th anniversary of Long Beach’s punk-rock-reggae idols, SUBLIME.

May 25th will mark 17th years since the untimely passing of Bradley Nowell & 17 years later, we’re still celebrating his musical brilliance. Be sure to purchase this piece of history from one of the most influential bands in the music scene on 6/18/2013

Sublime – 3 Ring Circus: Live at The Palace:
1. Great Stone
2. We’re Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance
3. Don’t Push
4. Garden Grove
5. Don’t Push
6. Right Back
7. New Thrash
8. Saw Red
9. Badfish
10. All You Need
11. Hope
12. Foolish Fool
13. Falling Idols
14. Caress Me Down
15. 40 Oz. to Freedom
16. Ebin
17. 54-46 That’s My Number
18. Date Rape
19. House of Suffering
20. D.J.s
21. I Love My Dog
22. Pool Shark
23. Work That We Do
24. Greatest Hits
25. Smoke Two Joints
26. Scarlet Begonias
27. Ring the Alarm

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Article By: David Garcia

Watch: Sublime – Live at The Palace trailer

Watch: Sublime – Live at The Palace