2011: MP3 Leaks of the Week

2011: MP3 Leaks of the Week

Since The Pier’s inception in 2007, we have been reserving every single Sunday of each week as our dedicated “MP3 Leak of the Week”. It’s a dedicated feature to where a FREE song is displayed to stream or download on the right hand column of our homepage. It’s available for just 6 days, from Sunday to Saturday and is updated each week.

We try to be extremely selective with the songs we choose as our Mp3 Leak, as we want it to be music that is NEW, Remixed, Rare, Unheard or Unreleased. It’s great for the bands because it gives them an opportunity to debut new music to a core demographic that may be outside their own social network. Not to mention its a win for us fans who are looking to hear something new each week.

Below, you will find each MP3 Leak of the Week for all 52 weeks of 2011. We even included the date it went up as a time line. Feel free to check out all the songs that were leaked out in 2011. Unfortunately they’re no longer available for stream or download, but they’re all songs worth owning.

Click on the artists name in red to be directed to the news update aligned with that week’s MP3 Leak. From there, you can read background on the group, quotes from the groups on the songs submitted along with all active links for each artist.

Remember to come back EVERY Sunday for a brand NEW MP3 Leak of The Week!

2011’s MP3 Leaks of the Week

(1/2/11) International Farmers:King of Defeat.

(1/9/11) Three Legged Fox: Don’t Dream It’s Over.

(1/16/11) Simpkin Project: Check Yourself.

(1/23/11) The Supervillains: Free

(1/29/11) Chris Boomer:I Am Who I Am.

(2/6/11) Lionize: Savior of Fontana

(2/14/11) NoNeedz: Let One Fly, Let On Go.

(2/20/11) Fayuca: The Cycle

(2/27/11) Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad: .45

(3/6/11) The Melodramatics: Mouth

(3/13/11) Mystic Roots Band: Lonely Road

(3/20/11) Pacific Dub: Dreaming

(3/27/11) Seedless: Energy

(4/3/11) Fear Nuttin Band: REBEL

(4/10/11) Easy Star All-Stars: One Likkle Draw

(4/17/11) RAC: Valley of Scum

(4/24/11) The Holdup: One More Day

(5/1/11) The Seed: Easier Said Than Done

(5/8/11) Top Shelf: Moonlights

(5/15/11) Rootdown: All I Wanna Do

(5/22/11) Josh Heinrichs: Babylon Respect Lower

(5/31/11) Micah Brown: Finally Free

(6/5/11) Mishka: Keep On Lovin’

(6/12/11) The Alchemystics: Summer Life

(6/19/11) Bag of Toys: That’s The Girl

(6/26/11) Ashes of Babylon: Day to Day Living

(7/3/11) Sinizen: Shine So Free

(7/10/11) Ballyhoo!: Say I’m Wrong

(7/17/11) Doug Means Project: Benjamin Franklins

(7/24/11) 3rd Alley: Space Cadet

(7/31/11) John Brown’s Body: Ring of Berlin

(8/7/11) Simpkin Project: Everything You Want

(8/14/11) Hor!zen: 2000 Miles

(8/21/11) Three Legged Fox: Get Out Alive

(8/28/11) Micah Brown: All That You Need

(9/4/11) 10ft Ganja Plant: My Roots

(9/11/11) Prince Polo: Witness Protection

(9/18/11) Echo Movement: Red Sunday

(9/25/11) Menny Moore: Gunman

(10/2/11) Whiskey Avengers: Monkey

(10/9/11) Katastro: Move Like Creatures

(10/16/11) Mojo Morgan: Million $ Check

(10/23/11) Tatanka: Numbers

(10/30/11) Josh Heinrichs: What Can I Do

(11/6/11) Mojo Morgan: It’s Over

(11/13/11) The Expendables: Wells (Acoustic)

(11/20/11) Fat Freddys Drop: Pull The Catch

(11/27/11) Trevor Hall: Te Amo

(12/4/11) Common Ground: Live It

(12/11/11) Kayavibe: Living Single

(12/18/11) 3rd Alley: Broke Christmas

(12/25/11) Zen Robbi: Dance With Me