2012: MP3 Leaks of the Week

2012: MP3 Leaks of the Week

What Is The Pier’s “MP3 Leak of the Week!?”

Since The Pier’s inception in 2007, we have been reserving every single Sunday of each week as our dedicated “MP3 Leak of the Week”. It’s a dedicated feature to where a new song is displayed for FREE download on the right hand column of our homepage. It’s available for just 6 days, from Sunday to Saturday and is updated each week.

We try to be extremely selective with the songs we choose as our MP3 Leak, as we want it to be music that is NEW, Remixed, Rare, Unheard or Unreleased. It’s great for the bands because it gives them an opportunity to debut new music to a core demographic that may be outside their own social network. Not to mention, it is a win for the fans who are looking to hear something new each and every week.

Below, you will find each MP3 Leak of the Week for all 52 weeks of 2012. We even included the date it went up as a timeline. Feel free to check out all the songs that were leaked in 2012. Unfortunately they are no longer available for stream or download, but they are all songs worth owning.

Click on the artists name in red to be directed to the news update aligned with that week’s MP3 Leak. From there, you can read background on the group, quotes from the artists on the songs submitted, along with all active links for each artist.

2012’s MP3 Leak Stand-Outs:

There were 53 total MP3 Leaks squeezed inside 2012. While we value prestigious songs to give away for 6 days on our homepage, we’re always grateful of the music these artists are willing to share. Of the 53 MP3 Leaks in 2012, quite a few artists made multiple appearances.

Cas Haley received the most attention in 2012 giving away two of his own songs, while also being guest featured on two other artist’s songs. “Release Me”, from his album Connection was MP3 Leaked on March 11th. Then on April 15th, he was a featured guest appearance on Lance Sitton & The Seed’s song “Listen Friends”. The guest appearances continued on July 29th. Haley was featured on Easy Star All-Stars‘ rendering of MIchael Jackson’s track “Human Nature” from Easy Star’s Thrillah album. Lastly, on Nov 25th, promoting the premiere of The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series music video, Cas Haley was kind enough to give away the soundboard recording of his acoustic performance of the unreleased song, “Crazy Good Woman”.

Aside from Cas Haley’s multiple appearances in the 2012 MP3 Leak schedule, eight other artists contributed more than one song for your FREE downloading pleasure. Giant Panda Gurerilla Dub Squad was featured on two separate weeks, promoting two separate albums and each time they were featured, they gave away two songs. They were the only band in 2012 to give two songs away, each time they were featured!

Other artists to give away more than one song include Stick Figure who gave away two songs of his own, as well as producing a song with Josh Heinrichs, covering Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”. The list continues with HB Surround Sound, The Black Seeds, Fear Nuttin Band, Three Legged Fox, Josh Fischel and Sara Lugo from Germany, who gave away a song of her own one week and was featured in a collaborative guest vocalist appearance with Fear Nuttin Band another week. Many thanks to all the artists for sharing their music and art for FREE. It means the world to us, and to the fans! Thank you!

Remember to come back EVERY Sunday for a brand NEW MP3 Leak of The Week!

2012’s MP3 Leaks of the Week:

[Click The Artist Name to be directed to more info on the Song & Artist]

(1/1/12) Josh Fischel:“Too Dry To Cry” (Acoustic).

(1/8/12) Authority Zero: “Liberateducation” (Live)

(1/15/12) Pacific Dub: “Wasted”

(1/22/12) MTHDS:“Influences” (Feat. Chali 2na of Jurassic 5)

(1/28/12) SOJA:“Mentality”

(2/5/12) Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad: “Country” & “Far Away”

(2/12/12) Fear Nuttin Band: “Troddin”

(2/19/12) Stick Figure: “Just Another Day”

(2/26/12) Tatanka: “Sensi Showdown”

(3/4/12) HB Surround Sound: “Top of the World”

(3/11/12) Cas Haley: “Release Me”

(3/19/12) Three Legged Fox: “Half Filled Boxes”

(3/25/12) Josh Fischel: “Sleep (Don’t Come)”

(4/1/12) The Black Seeds: “Dust And Dirt”

(4/8/12) Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad: “Love You More” & “Next Best Explosion”

(4/15/12) Lance Sitton & The Seed: “Listen Friends” (Feat Cas Haley)

(4/22/12) Top Shelf: “Earthquake”

(4/29/12) 77 Jefferson: “Cool It Down”

(5/6/12) Tatanka: “Keep Your Cool Dub”

(5/13/12) PhilieAno & Toko Tasi: “Wetsuit”

(5/20/12) The Wheeland Bros: “Sand In My Sheets”

(5/27/12) DumpstaPhunk: “Everybody Want Sum”

(6/3/12) Stick Figure: “Women of the Night” (Feat. Half Pint)

(6/10/12) One Drop: “I’m Sorry (but its over)”

(6/17/12) Ballyhoo!: “Thank You For The Good Times”

(6/24/12) HB Surround Sound: “Rock And Roll”

(7/1/12) Menny More: “Never Giving Up”

(7/8/12) Stranger: “You Got It”

(7/15/12) Zen Robbi: “Thats My Jam”

(7/22/12) Mojo Morgan: “New Dawn” (Feat Nina Simone & Peetah Morgan)

(7/29/12) Easy Star All-Stars: “Human Nature” (Feat. Cas Haley)

(8/5/12) Sara Lugo: “Promise”

(8/12/12) Micah Brown: “Summer Again”

(8/19/12) Rootdown: “Island Hoppin”

(8/28/12) Echo Movement: “In Good Time”

(9/2/12) Three Legged Fox: “Away” (Live)

(9/9/12) The Green: “Love & Affection” (Billy Van Remix)”>

(9/16/12) Cisco Adler: “Boom Boom Boom” (Feat. Don Carlos G-Eazy, and Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald)

(9/23/12) John Browns Body: “Chased By Lions”

(9/30/12) Richie Spice: “Hang On In Deh”

(10/7/12) Outlaw Nation: “Patiently Waiting”

(10/14/12) The Bastard Suns: Charlene

(10/21/12) Fear Nuttin Band: “Vibes Love & Revolution” (Feat Sara Lugo)

(10/28/12) Clear Conscience: “Eye Candy (Feat Eddie Blunt & E.N Young)

(11/4/12) Predator Dub Assassins: “One Shot” (Feat Roy Radics)

(11/11/12) Inner Circle: “Roll It Up, Blaze It Up” (Feat. Slightly Stoopid & Bizerk)

(11/18/12) The Black Seeds: “Frostbite”

(11/25/12) Cas Haley: “Crazy Good Woman” (Acoustic)

(12/2/12) SkillinJah: “The 45”

(12/9/12) Josh Heinrichs & Stick Figure: “Set Fire To The Rain” (Adele Cover)

(12/16/12) HB Surround Sound: “California”

(12/23/12) Prezident Brown: “Cease Fire”

(12/30/12) Tribal Seeds: “The Garden”