2013: MP3 Leaks of the Week

2013: MP3 Leaks of the Week


What Is The Pier’s “MP3 Leak of the Week!?”

Since The Pier’s inception in 2007, we have been reserving every single Sunday of each week as our dedicated “MP3 Leak of the Week”. It’s a dedicated feature to where a new song is displayed for FREE download on the right hand column of our homepage. It’s available for just 6 days, from Sunday to Saturday and is updated each week.

We try to be extremely selective with the songs we choose as our MP3 Leak, as we want it to be music that is NEW, Remixed, Rare, Unheard or Unreleased. It’s great for the bands because it gives them an opportunity to debut new music to a core demographic that may be outside their own social network. Not to mention, it is a win for the fans who are looking to hear something new each and every week.

Feel free to check out all the songs below that were leaked in 2013. Unfortunately the music is no longer available for stream or download, but they are all songs worth owning. Click on the artists name in red to be directed to the news update aligned with that week’s MP3 Leak. From there, you can read background on the group, quotes from the artists on the songs submitted, along with all active links for each artist.

2013’s MP3 Leak Stand-Outs:

There are 52 weeks in a year, there were 52 Sunday’s this year, which means The Pier gave away 52 special songs in 2013!

Only 3 different artists made multiple appearances on The Pier’s MP3 Leak of the Week feature. They include Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, The Green & Stick Figure. Stick Figure gave away an acoustic track on June 2nd and was later featured on Alific’s song, given away on September 8th. Both Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad songs given away were Remixes. First by Dub Matix on March 3rd & another remix by Dub Architect October 6th.

The Green gave away the same song twice, on 2 separate weeks, giving away 2 different versions of the same song. They gave away the song “Good One” off their latest album Hawai’i ’13 on August 25th. Then on November 10th, they gave away an acoustic version of “Good One” that came from The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series video session. You can view the video by clicking HERE or scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

13 of the 52 songs given away via The Pier’s MP3 Leak of the Week in 2013, were songs with that included a guest appearance, including 4 in the first 6 weeks. Another last tidbit we noticed was, in 2013, four different artists made their 4th total Mp3 Leak of the Week appearance since The Pier’s inception in 2007. These artists include HB Surround Sound, Stick Figure, John Brown’s Body & Josh Heinrichs. Huge thanks for their continued support & dedication to the scene!

Many thanks to all the artists for sharing their music and art for FREE. It means the world to all of us fans! Thank you!

Remember to come back to The Pier EVERY Sunday for a brand NEW MP3 Leak of The Week!

2013’s MP3 Leaks of the Week:

[Click The Artist Name to be directed to more info on the Song & Artist]

(1/6/13) Gonzo:“Stereo System” (feat Rick Haze).

(1/13/13) Reeform: “All The Same” (feat Casey Sullivan of Seedless)

(1/20/13) Seedless: “Friends” (feat Andy Chaves of Katastro)

(1/27/13) New Kingston:“Life”

(2/3/13) Natural Vibrations:“Make You Stay”

(2/10/13) Clear Conscience: “Real Soon” (feat. E.N Young)

(2/17/13) The Simpkin Project: “Dub Yourself”

(2/24/13) The Veragroove: “Broken Glass”

(3/3/13) Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad: “Love You More” (Dub Matix Remix)

(3/10/13) Authority Zero: “Today We Heard the News”

(3/17/13) Josh Heinrichs: “Ganja Inna Missouri” (feat SkillinJah)

(3/24/13) Orange Grove: “Ready For It”

(3/31/13) Big B: “Hooligan” (Remix)

(4/7/13) John Brown’s Body: “Dust Bowl”

(4/14/13) Fayuca: “Shoot It Up” (feat Jason Devore of Authority Zero)

(4/21/13) Yellowman: “Morning Ride”

(4/28/12) Mike Love: “Barbershop”

(5/5/13) Cas Haley: “Mama”

(5/12/13) Mike Pinto: “Where the Beach Meets the Ocean”

(5/19/13) T.U.G.G.: “Layers”

(5/26/13) Thrive!: “Relentless” (feat Eric Rachmany of Rebelution)

(6/2/13) Stick Figure: “Heartland” (Acoustic)

(6/9/13) Mystic Roots Band: “Earth Song”

(6/16/13) Mat. McHugh: “Go Don’t Stop/Is This Love” (Live)

(6/23/13) Morgan Heritage: “Perfect Love Song”

(6/30/13) HB Surround Sound: “COEXIST”

(7/7/13) Ballyhoo!: “Lost At Sea”

(7/14/13) Cisco Adler: “Free Tree”

(7/21/13) Wheeland Brothers: “Like You Do”

(7/28/13) Through The Roots: “Slow Down”

(8/4/13) Street Pharmacy: “Waterslide” (feat illScarlett and Trouble & Daughter)

(8/11/13) Ross May: “Last Spliff”

(8/18/13) The Steppas: “Don’t Give Up”

(8/25/13) The Green: “Good One”

(9/1/13) 10ft Ganja Plant: “State of Man”

(9/8/13) Alific: “Under Arrest” (feat. Stick Figure)

(9/15/13) Anuhea: “Forever Summer” (feat. Justin Young)

(9/22/13) The Movement: “Echo”

(9/29/13) Jelly of the Month Club: “Brand New Friend”

(10/6/13) Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad: “Future” (Dub Architect Remix)

(10/13/13) Jon Wayne & The Pain: “It Ain’t So” (feat. Nahko)

(10/20/13) Backbeat Soundsystem: “Losing Faith”

(10/27/13) The Hip Abduction: “Hideaway” (feat Anthony B)

(11/3/13) Passafire: “Night Come Easy”

(11/10/13) The Green: “Good One” (The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series)

(11/17/13) Eek-A-Mouse: “Ganja Smuggling”

(11/24/13) Mishka: “Love In The Making”

(12/1/13) Ashes of Babylon: “World On Fire”

(12/8/13) Mighty Mystic: “War (Rumors of War)”

(12/15/13) Arden Park Roots: “The Music” (feat. Spice 1)

(12/22/13) Norris Man: “These Feelings”

(12/29/13) The Bastard Suns: “Enlighten Up”

Watch: The Green – “Good One” (The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series)