2014 Most Anticipated Albums

2014 Most Anticipated Albums


Welcome to The Pier’s 2014 Most Anticipated Albums!

It is officially 2014 and we couldn’t be more thrilled at the news of NEW music being released in the new year. We did our best to find out which bands are putting out new albums and compiled a good list of groups who we know & anticipate putting new music out in 2014. Some bands were willing to give us every detail of their new release, while others kept their recording process “Top Secret”.

This feature is just spotlighting full length albums and excludes updates on EPs or Singles. But fear not as we will always spotlight new music in our daily news feed, but this article is putting focus on new full length albums!
There are many bands within this scene that are relentlessly recording new music! Notable bands releasing new music in 2014, not mentioned below, are Slightly Stoopid, Eddie Murphy, Lionize, The Simpkin Project, Seedless, House of Shem, Sister Carol, Cisco Adler, Fortunate Youth, The Fiction, The Expanders, True Press, Ease Up, Rome, Wayne Marshall, Anuhea, Ethan Tucker, The Executives, Rick Haze & more!

Silverback Music and their bands have a lot lined up for 2014! Slightly Stoopid never really stops recording, which is great for us fans. They’re in the lab working on numerous recording projects. There is a plan for releasing new recorded music in 2014, but too early to know exactly what those plans are. Ethan Tucker is a new addition to Silverback Music and has been in the studio working on his 2nd LP. Ethan recently signed with Capitol Records and is planning a release for the middle of 2014. The Hip-Hop duo, The Grouch & Eligh are planning on releasing a triple disc album, which will include The Grouch & Eligh’s collaboration album as the latest solo records from The Grouch and Eligh. The Tortoise & The Crow is the Duo’s 4th release, first G&E duo record since 2009’s G&E Music Vol 1 & 2. Kyle from Slightly Stoopid and Pretty Lights will appear as guests on the record, among others. The album is planned for release in Feb of 2014.

With Fortunate Youth, expect Dub versions of previous tracks in Spring and some new music for late Fall. Ease Up & True Press are expected to release their debut albums this year.

Regardless of who or what you do or don’t see listed in this article below, The Pier will always bring you the most up to date information on any new releases, as soon as they’re made available to us. For now, absorb all the new info on new albums planned for 2014! Enjoy…

-The Pier Fam!

2014 Most Anticipated Albums…

SOJA : Website
SOJAIt’s been since SOJA’s 2012 release of Strength To Survive that us die-hard SOJA Fans have had a fresh new album. Even still, SOJA was good to us in 2013 having released a variety of collaboration remixes. They were featured on Vol. 1 of the Dub Rockers Compilation with the song “I Tried” featuring Gentleman. Then other remix singles with Richie Campbell, J Boog & Collie Buddz. Even with all this constant releasing of new music, they’re still at the top of our list for 2014’s Most Anticipated Albums! The group is planning for another full length album to be released Summer 2014. As seen all over social media, the album will be released under ATO Records. There were even pictures of Dave Matthews endorsing the pending release in an announcement with SOJA vocalist/guitarist, Jacob Hemphill. Aside from that, details are in house and us fans will have to wait for future announcements! It will take a great release to follow Strength To Survive & we hope to hear Bassist, Bobby Lee on this record, dropping vocals to match his bass drops! SOJA is a collaboration heavy band, loving to network with other artists, but no word if this album will include any guest appearances. Stay tuned!

311 : Website
200311 Fans have plenty to look forward to in 2014, especially come March. On March 11th, 2014 311, will release their 11th studio album on 311 records & distributed by INgrooves; the bands first fully independent release since 1990. The album, titled Stereolithic, was recorded in Los Angeles, Ojai, Topanga & Filmore, CA. The album was produced by Scotch Ralston, who previously produced 311’s Transistor, Soundsystem & Music albums. The album will contain 15 tracks and be released via CD, Vinyl & digital formats. Here’s what lead vocalist, Nick Hexum had told The Pier about the new album: “As always, there’s a lot of riffs and really good high energy stuff that’s going to be great for a live setting. I think there’s a good diversity of tempos and feels and arrangements, lots of distortion guitar and big rocking parts but then there’s some trippy, chill-out moments.”

The Dirty Heads : Website
Dirty-HeadsDownload4The Dirty Heads will spend time writing in the studio starting in January which will lead them in and out of the studio for the next 6 weeks working to get everything right before they record mid February for a couple weeks. They are going to be at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX. Producer(s) are still up in the air, but the group hopes to reveal that soon as they aim for a late summer, early fall release. There’s no title or theme just yet, but early indications have Dirty Heads exploring a more alternative approach, yet still very raw and climbing through the sound, pushing things sonically. No confirmations on whether or not they’ll fully produce any of the songs from their recent Acoustic release, but Jared is really exploring his instrument – his voice.

Rebelution : Website
RebelutionRebelution’s early 2012 release, Peace of Mind, is one of the more memorable releases in the genre, being a 3 album release with studio, acoustic & dub versions totaling 36 songs! That’s a hard act to follow & it is confirmed that Rebelution will in fact be releasing a new album in 2014. The band has been performing new songs live, with titles “Counterfeit Love”, “Roots Reggae Music” and “De-Stress””. Our very own, Adam Lyon caught up with Rebelution drummer, Wes Finley, who told The Pier: “Recording is 95% done for the album. We’re going to finish one last thing in a couple weeks and then we’ll be in the studio mixing and mastering the last week of January before rehearsing for our Winter Greens tour. We’ve been self-producing and mixing with our touring engineer, the great Errol Brown. Amp Live from Zion I also produced one of the tracks with some hip-hop flavor. Don Carlos will make a much anticipated appearance on our rootsiest track. A few of the songs were recorded at Circle House studios (owned by Inner Circle) in Florida, and the rest were recorded at Steakhouse Studios in LA. We’re shooting for a summer release but that could get pushed in either direction.”…Alright Rebelution fans, you may now wipe up the drool in front of you! Stay tuned!

Stephen Marley : Website
StephenStephen Marley postponed his Fall 2013 Tour dates and has since announced his Spring Tour dates which will support his upcoming album Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life. While there’s no set release date for Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life, he has already released two singles with “Bongo Nyah” featuring Spragga Benz and Damian Marley as well as “You & Me Attract” featuring Busy Signal. Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life is the follow up album to his latest release Revelation Pt 1: The Root of Life that was released back on May 24th 2011 and received a Grammy Award in early 2012. “Reggae music has influenced hip hop and so many other kinds of music,” Stephen reasons. THE FRUIT OF LIFE will be more open, eclectic kind of record. There will be songs for the club, dancehall reggae will be there, love songs in there, but it will remain conscious good music that you can always take something positive from.”

Ziggy Marley : Website
ziggyOn December 8th Ziggy Marley’s Facebook page posted a picture of Ziggy and veteran producer Andrew Scheps sitting in the studio, mixing, with the caption “The new record is done, done!” The album will be released on April 15th via Tuff Gong records & is titled Fly Rasta. It’ll feature former Melody Makers’s bandmates and relatives including Cedella Marley, Sharon Marley, Rica Newell and Sly & Robbie. The album’s track title “Fly Rasta” features U-Roy & is available via ZiggyMarley.com on Pre-order. This is Ziggy’s fifth studio album and was Produced by Ziggy Marley & Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Silversun Pickups).

Tribal Seeds : Website
TS300This Spring, fans will have the opportunity to pick up Tribal Seeds new album, titled Representing. The album will be at least 12 songs, if not more & will feature guest appearances by Don Carlos & Vaughn Benjamin from Midnite, with more to be announced later. The song “Representing” features Vaughn Benjamin and is said to be “way roots”. This will be an independent release on the groups iSeed label. Most of the album was recorded at Imperial Sound, produced by Maad T-Ray & Tribal Seeds. With the cover-art pending, it is said to be based off a lyric that Steve wrote on the title track, “Representing” with ”The Olmec civilization is in alliance with the Africans”

J Boog : Website
JBoogJ Boog is going to be releasing his new album in April. The title of the album is “Wash House Ting”, a tribute to the late Brian “Uncle B” Foster, CEO of Wash House Music, who just passed away. The album will be between 12-15 tracks with some guest appearances both musically & vocally – mums the word on who, though. The album is being recorded in Wash House studios Hawaii & California with producers ranging from Jr Blender & Moritz (both from Europe) as well as Wash House’s in house production team ’Greenstone’. J Boog has previously released a single “My Audio” plus the Live Up EP and some of those tracks may be on the new LP. Outside of that, we’ll keep you posted on this highly anticipated new album.

Katchafire : Website
kit-chalberg-katchafire-the-pier-25831Katchafire, who in 2013 released their “Best So Far” greatest hits album, is continuing on with the release of a new album this Summer, with a single off the forthcoming release, dropping in April. No title for the new album, but the band said they’d be open to suggestions from the fans! They’re recording out of AOTEAROA in New Zealand. It’ll be released on Universal in New Zealand and VP Records to the rest of the world. Most of the album details are being kept under wraps, but a brand new album from Katchafire is exciting. Especially when the group plans on a ton of collaborations, both with new producers, musicians & singers, “deeper than we have in the past” says the group. “There is no stopping the reggae revolution”.

Barrington Levy : Website
blake-and-barrington-300x199Back on November 15th, 2013, The Pier was in attendance at The Republik in Honolulu, Hawaii for Slightly Stoopid & Barrington Levy. The following morning, our very own Blake Wood went to the Meet N’ Greet Barrington Levy had at Smokey’s Coffee and Smoke Shop in Honolulu. It has been over a decade since Levy released of a full-length album and he told The Pier we would be listening to his new album sometime during 2014. Manager, Daddy Biggs, seemed excited about the release saying the acoustic album is going to be amazing. When speaking of special guest appearances, Biggs told us they “…we have Snoop Lion… who used to be a Dogg”. In the meantime, Levy will be dropping a new acoustic single titled “Rosie”. On January 10th, he’ll be in Jamaica filming a music video for the song that will premiere on Valentines day, February 14th. From there, it will be determined if & when this acoustic album will come to fruition! Stay tuned for more updates!

The Expendables : Website
the-expendables-4523Sometime in mid 2014, Santa Cruz, Cali’s own, The Expendables, will be releasing a new album! Details are still coming together, but the group spent the holidays tracking at Jingle Town Recording owned by Green Day, working with producer Gordon Brislawn, who Engineered and co-produced the group’s Getting’ Filthy. The album will have 12-13 songs, and will include ”Zombies in America”. Outside of that, mums the word! Stay tuned!

Natural Vibrations : Website
NattyVibesSometime this February, Hawaii’s Natty Vibes will be releasing an all acoustic album titled Acoustic Vibes. The album will in 10 tracks comprised of the groups older songs a long with a couple of new ones. It will be released under Polyunderground Music & was recorded at Castaway Studios in Ventura, CA. The group refers to the release as …like how we do in Hawaii at our BBQ’s, the Beach or just hanging in the back-yard with friends jamming.

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad : Website
GPGDS-PANDA!-tag_300Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad will release a new studio album in late spring/early summer. Their last record “In These Times” made iTunes Best of 2012 List. Here’s a quote from bassist-vocalist James Searl: “In these times, technology is whirring. The possibilities are endless. Such a plethora of techniques can overwhelm the musical process. PANDA! has always gone into the studio with one intention: capture simple songs with the richest tones possible at the very beginning of the tracking process. What is the trick? Pristine vintage instruments, old microphones, and an engineer who knows how to put it all together. All we had to do was play. We went into a secret Brookline, MA studio (Rear Window) with the drummer and producer of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant. Not one piece of gear used on this tracking was made after 1980. Several guitars from the ’50s. I used a ’64 Hoffner violin bass. Truly the best recording experience we have ever had. We played notes and it instantly sounded like classic records. The new record is old techniques with a PANDA! twist. It felt like all of our hard work listening and practicing had finally started to pay off and take shape in a very mature way. We are excited to share it with the world.”

Three Legged Fox : Website
3LFOriginally planned for a December 2013 release, Three Legged Fox has pushed their new album We Are Electric back for a January 21st release. This will be their 4th full length release and will include 12 new tracks. They recorded out of Soundmine Studios with producer Dan Malsch. Our very own Andrew McClatchy and Bill Colbridge were invited into the studio during the recording process and was documented in our In The Studio: Three Legged Fox article that you can read by clicking HERE. Here’s what guitarist/vocalist Kyle Wareham had to say about the new album, We Are Electric: “…It’s an alternative rock record with a small touch of reggae here and there, as opposed to the other way around. We worked hard to make sure that every song is evocative of the vibe of the overall album. Each one is it’s own musical journey. Fans who’ve been with us for awhile will appreciated songs like ‘Nothing’s Over (All This Time)’ and ‘Colors Come Back’ which are throwbacks to our original reggae rock style”.

Rootz Underground : Website
return-of-the-righteous-7Over the past few months, Rootz Underground has posted several pictures from the studio. Now, to start the new year, Rootz Underground has finally announced initial details for their highly anticipated new record, Return of the Righteous Vol 1. Recorded at Rory Stonelove’s studio in uptown Kingston, Jamaica and set to be released this March, Rootz Underground’s 3rd studio album will feature production by Dean Fraser and include the recently released single “Kingston Town” ft. Toots & The Maytals. The tracks “Love Line” and “Fret Not Thyself” heard live on several Youtube videos, as well as the single “Rootz & Culture” released back in July.

Matisyahu : Website
MatisyahuKnown for his innovative blend of reggae, rock, hip-hop and traditional Jewish themes, Matisyahu has garnered critical acclaim and established an extensive fan base since his 2004 debut Shake off the Dust…Arise. In the 2012 Most Anticipated Albums article, we discussed Matisyahu was hard at work on two new records. Later that year, in June, Matisyahu released Spark Seeker, his first album since his 2011 relocation from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and a year in which the artist also shed his noteworthy appearance. Spark Seeker was a brave new studio album that allows the unique singer- songwriter to exploring uncharted territory. For his sixth full-length studio album, Matisyahu has kept the production in-house, using the talents of Joel Hamilton (Pretty Lights, Dub Trio) and allowing Stu Brooks to step up as producers. Brooks, who has recorded with a slew of acts over his career also plays as bassist and drummer of the Brooklyn based band, Dub Trio, the same group that backs Matisyahu on the road. Said to be a more organic fusion of sounds and styles, the record discusses the transformation of his appearance and all that surrounds it. Of his sixth full-length studio album Matisyahu notes, “This record is a document of my spiritual, artistic and personal evolution. It takes the religious ideas I have studied and connects them to my heart. It is my most intimate work to date and I believe it will resonate strongly in the hearts of those who listen.” Fans can expect Akeda to be released by the summer of 2014.

Aer : Website
Aer-album-artOn January 21st, Aer will be releasing their 12 track self-titled album under their own Aer, LLC label. “Won’t Laugh” and “Spades, Clubs & Diamonds” are projecting to be the albums singles. They also just released a new music video for the song, “Says She Loves Me”. The album was self-produced in Aer’s Boston studio. Their sound is more hip hop than reggae, but a great change up to the playlist and a must have album for 2014!

Inner Circle : Website
InnerCircleThe bad boys of Reggae, Inner Circle, have a new album planned for the spring time. The album will be titled One Love & is expected to include 12 tracks. The album is expected to be guest heavy, with appearances by Nengo Flow (popular Latin artist) & Flo-Rida on new song “Fall In Love”, Chronix on “Tenament Yard” as well as Khago, Kardinal Offishal & Ian Sweetness on “Good Girls & Bad Girls”. The album will be released under Dubshot & Soundbwoy Entertainment. It was produced at Circle Village Studios, a newly built extension to Circle House Studios in Miami, FL. “This album we really wanted to bring something different to Reggae Music” – Roger “JAH ROG” Lewis

Micah Brown : Website
micah_gnp_small_finalWith no date set, Micah Brown hopes to release an all acoustic album towards the end of 2014 while releasing a series of singles during the winter & spring months of 2014. The album will include 8-10 songs with the possibility of one or two acoustic re-releases. The album will be released under 17th Street Records and recorded at 17th Street Recording Studio.

Fear Nuttin Band : Website
FNBFear Nuttin Band is currently working on a new album titled Immigrant. The album will be an even 10 songs and is set to highlight the strong presence of the Jamaican culture in the band. 3 of the members are from Jamaica and have been wanting to record an album that incorporates more of that sound. There will still be the rocked out guitars that the group is known for, but the reggae vibes, particularly on the bass lines, are more present. The plan is to have the album release sometime in September as the group is still currently tracking. On the title of the album, Immigrant, the band shared: “Being a band of 1/2 Jamaicans, we sometimes talk about the concept of how humans can be considered illegal, or need permission to exist in the space they occupy as well as the boundaries and borders the human race puts on each other. The bigotry, hatred, fear, oppression, and exploitation of mankind stems from these things…The album is a collection of songs about life written by band members who are classified by governments as separate peoples”

Tatanka : Website
TATANKATatanka, the boys from Denver, CO are aiming for a Summer 2014 self-titled album release. The album will include at least 10 songs with a few BIG guests lined up, but those guests will be announced at a later time. They plan to release the first single, ”King Kong” first and the album is also set to include other live favorites such as ”Mango Mood” & ”Show Me Love”. The album is said to be a heavy reggae dub album with electronica influences.

Mighty Mystic : Website
The Mighty MysticOn January 28th, Mighty Mystic will be releasing his 2nd full length album titled Concrete World. The album is being released digitally through VP Records and is the first album in 4 years. Concrete World includes 14 tracks with guest appearances by Stephen Thunder & Michael Charles. The album received production from the legendary Tony ‘CD’ Kelly, Stephen Thunder, Mike Cip, the Thunder Band, Jourdan Orvosh & Chance One. Jamaica-born, Mighty Mystic is the younger brother to former Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness.

Fayuca : Website
FayucaFayuca is currently working on a Live CD/DVD combo scheduled for a spring/summer time release. They’re looking to dish out 10-15 live tracks and a DVD with bonus footage from the road, interviews in the green room and the complete live performance. They’re hoping to get Jason Devore of Authority Zero to appear on the song “Shoot It Up”, but nothing set in stone. The album will be recorded LIVE at Crescent Ballroom in AZ and they’re in talks with Ralph Patlan who produced their 2013, Barrio Sideshow to continue production on this project. The Live effort will include some of the bands older catalog of songs, but will also include some newer songs the band is working on. According to the group, this live CD/DVD combo is the project Fayuca has been dreaming of since backyard parties and practice sessions in their garage!

Mike Love : Website
MikeLoveThis Summer, Hawaii’s own Mike Love will release his new album titled Love Will Find A Way. The album will include 15 songs with some very special guest appearances. No announcement on the guests, but the projected singles off the new record include songs ”Good News”, “No Regrets” & ”I Love You”. The album will be released on Love Not War Records and was recorded at Soul Sound Studio. Stay tuned for more info!

illScarlett : Website
iLLScarlett'14Aiming for a Spring time release, illScarlett is scheduled to release their new 12 track self-titled album. Marc Roberge of OAR is set to appear on the album, being featured on the song “Raindrops”. The album was recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City, NY with producer Davide Kahne. This is the band’s 4th full length album & first full length album in 5 years. The group told The Pier: “…producer David Kahne definitely pushed us outside the box in a very positive way. There’s lots of diversity in the songs with a cohesive all around sound & vibe on the album.”

Arden Park Roots : Website
APRoots-1-9-4-2Arden Park Roots have spent over 200 hours working on their 4th full length album that will finally be released on February 28th. It’ll include 12 or 13 new songs, a long with a cover of “Jolene” by the band, Cake. They recorded out of Pus Cavern in Sacramento, CA with producer, Joe Johnston. There’s one collaboration on the album with Legendary Bay Area rapper, Spice 1, who was featured on the song “The Music”. The album is not yet titled.

Spiritual Rez : Website
Rez-Record-CoverOn February 15th, Spiritual Rez will release their new album Apocalypse Whenever. There will be 14 tracks with no guest appearances and this will be an independent release. The group has already released “Agapoula Mou” and “Don’t Be Afraid” in video form and the group carries the confidence that new song ”One Big Song” is going to be the Reggae Anthem for 2014! The album was recorded at 9B Studios in Milford, MA. It was self-produced and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Beastie Boys). The group told The Pier, “…this album flows from the most laid back moments to the most insane rocking you’ve ever heard. Horn layered volcanic Reggae Rock becomes ‘Apocalypse Whenever’.

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