311 Reveal Album Cover & Pre-order Details for New Album ‘Mosaic’

311 Reveal Album Cover & Pre-order Details for New Album ‘Mosaic’

If you find yourself feeling famished for a 311 sandwich, we completely understand and we feel the same way. It’s been three long years since the release of Stereolithic and the latest batch of songs from the Omaha-native, rock-reggae trailblazers. However, in just over two short months, prepare to feast on the band’s 12th studio album Mosaic –- which will be released June 23 featuring 17 new tracks!
311’s latest release Sterolithic in 2014 (released on 311 Day) was greeted with a warm reception from critics and fans alike, and was produced by Scotch Ralston -– who also produced the band’s iconic records Transistor and Soundsystem. The album featured 15 songs and debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, marking the band’s 9th consecutive top 10 debut. Since its release, 311 has continued to do what they do best — thrive on live performances, igniting energy into crowds of all shapes and sizes without fail every night.

In the vicinity, the band has been hard at work crafting 17 tracks for their forthcoming release Mosaic. Building on the momentum from their previous release, the band collaborated once again with Scotch Ralston for production, as well as John Feldman (who has previously worked with Blink-182, Goldfinger, Atreyu and more). Details for Mosaic have been progressively coming together over the past several weeks, with the launch of their pre-order announcements via Pledge Music.

The band offered up various photo galleries of the recording process, interactive videos, prize raffles, interviews and more. 311 has stated that “innovation” is a focus for the new release, and drummer Chad Sexton offered up some insight on the overall sound and principles of the record as well:
“The album is 17 songs that we’re really proud of – and that really capture the musical range of 311. When I was mixing the album there were several moments that really reminded me of Transistor. This new album definitely takes some steps forward into more modern territory -– but there are distinct reminders of where we come from in the songs. Something about blending an older 311 style with a newer 311 style is really exciting to us -– and I think it will be exciting for the fans too.”

Much to the delight of their fans, 311 has already released two new tracks from Mosaic over the past several weeks, including the vibrant and moving “Too Much To Think” and the riff-tastic, rock-driven “Too Late.” Excitable ones have surely heard the new tracks by now –- especially if they were fortunate enough to be on-board the Norwegian Jade for the 311 Caribbean Cruise last month. Dating back to 311 Day 2016, the band has also performed samples of “Hey Yo,” “Island Sun” and “Extension” –- turn up your speakers and check out the two singles below!

Additionally, 311 revealed the full track-listing for Mosaic this week and launched additional pre-order options for the new release as well. Check out the song titles below and preorder the album on iTunes by clicking HERE!

311 – Mosaic Tracklist:
Mosaic - Album Cover1.) Too Much To Think
2.) Wildfire
3.) The Night Is Young
4.) Island Sun
5.) Perfect Mistake
6.) Extension
7.) Inside Our Home
8.) ‘Til the City’s On Fire
9.) Too Late
10.) Hey Yo
11.) Places That the Mind Goes
12.) Face in the Wind
13.) Forever Now
14.) Days Of ‘88
15.) One and the Same
16.) Syntax Error
17.) On a Roll

311 “Mosaic” Album Cover

311 revealed the album cover for Mosaic earlier this week, which is derived in its entirety from nearly 10,000 photos submitted from fans across the world celebrating 311 and their music. The band was capturing and accepting submissions for photos during their initial pre-order launch via Pledge Music, in which ‘positive vibe merchants’ can still select various pre-order bundles by clicking HERE!

The album cover for Mosaic is truly unique as well as visually appealing. Even the image of the five band members on the cover are made up of the photos that were submitted, solidifying and driving home the concept of the band and fans as one. Nick Hexum commented that “This cover captures the spirit of the collective nature that is 311 –- band and fans together to form something greater than the sum of its parts.” Chad Sexton also added, “We have a very symbiotic relationship with our fans that see us on tour year after year. We wanted to have an album title that would describe our fan base, our band and our music. And to tie all of this into a concept that could be presented in the album artwork as well.”

Can you find yourself on the album cover? See for yourself by checking out the high-resolution pan and zoom mosaic of the cover image by clicking HERE!

311 Unity Tour 2017

Keeping one of the greatest and longest-standing traditions alive in the Summer for alt-rock, reggae and all fans of music in general, 311 will be embarking on another Unity Tour and will play 40 shows from June 22 – August 20. This year marks the 18th consecutive year for 311 headlining a summer tour in the U.S. -– the band recently announced that they will be joined this year by New Politics, as well as Passafire, The Skints and Full Service for select dates as well. Offering another collaborative and interactive contest, 311 launched a T-Shirt Design Contest in which fans are encouraged to design a shirt for the 2017 Unity Tour. Winners are eligible for up to $500 cash, autographed goods and tickets! Submit your design today by clicking HERE!

Witnessing 311 live is truly an experience. Different, unique set-lists are crafted for each night specifically, fans join together to erupt in unison for each song as they rock out and sing at the top of their lungs, leaving attendees scratching their head wondering where the time went at the end of every show. You can’t afford to miss this — check below for the full listing of tour dates and grab your tickets today. Here’s to an epic summer!


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Article By: Brian Glaser
Photo By: David Norris

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