311’s Grassroots Uplifter Vape-Pen

311’s Grassroots Uplifter Vape-Pen

What’s next for a multi-platinum rock band who’s released 11 studio albums, a live album, a greatest hits album and three DVD’s, in addition to celebrating 25 years as a band with the launch of their own Amber Ale craft beer? Well, 311 just announced their own custom Vape-Pen called the Grassroots Uplifter as guitarist/vocalist Nick Hexum stops by The Pier to answer some questions…

It’s no secret that 311 prides themselves as cannabis connoisseurs and after two years of extensive research and development, they’re ready to release their now highly anticipated disposable vape-pen that was named using the combine album titles of 311’s Grassroots (1994) and Uplifter (2009).
The sleek, state-of-the-art stainless steel pen -– designed in-house by 311 -– requires no recharging, no refilling and is easy, discreet and convenient to use. Just pull it out and hit it. No cartridges, USB chargers or anything else needed.

Nick Hexum explains: “I have been interested in this product for some time now, but was not satisfied with what others were offering. We’ve gone through two years of prototypes and redesigns, tested it at home and on the road, and finally arrived with our own, no-compromise product that meets our high standards.”

Custom designed from scratch, the Uplifter™ is a unique, beautiful and state-of-the-art disposable that can be combined with any number of e-liquids, e-juices and oils for a premium vaping experience.

With all of that said, we still had a few questions regarding the vape-pen and Nick Hexum was kind of enough to take some time out to address these questions…

Discussing The Uplifter™ with Nick Hexum

As of June 2015, Marijuana is legal in 23 states and Washington D.C. — Will this product be available in all 23 states and our nations capitol? Where specifically might fans be able to pick the Uplifter™?
We are adding distribution channels every week. It is currently available in Los Angeles and next week it will be in stores in Colorado. Many more states to come. Local CO2 oil producers who are interested in filling and legally distributing our Uplifters can contact us through the web site at www.grassrootsuplifter.com

When I read that the vape-pens don’t require any recharging, cartridges or refilling, my first thought based on that description is that it lasts forever with a built-in lifetime supply of cannabis — How does this exactly operate without having to be recharged or refilled?
Yes, we were able to overcome the physics law of conservation of energy. But we didn’t want to brag. Just kidding! The description just means that all you have to do is open the package and puff away. Many of our competitors require charging batteries and changing cartridges. With ours, you get around 100 hits right out of the box and then you can throw it away or return it to the dispensary for recycling if you like.

Many people will probably just toss them after the 100 hits are taken and the oil is gone. The nice thing about this is that you can just take it to a party and pass it around and it’s not a huge investment if you don’t see it again. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price on a filled one is $50. When you consider that it comes with one half gram of the finest CO2 oil around it’s fairly cheap. Each toke is potent enough to give you a good high that’s like 50 cents a high. Additionally, we are working on a second product release that is an improvement on the more commonly available cartridge style. With that one, you can recharge the battery and either buy a new full cartridge or refill the cartridge with your own oil. Stay tuned for details!

Will the Uplifter work just the same for those that aren’t into cannabis, but enjoy vaping tobacco?
Yes, it does work with e-juice. However, you have touched on a third product coming from Uplifter Innovations that is specifically designed for nicotine based e-juices.

When will this product officially be available? Is there a concrete date fans can walk into any store offering this and take one home?
Currently in LA on speedweed.com. Next week in Boulder, Denver, and Aspen. Details coming soon. We sold quite a few of them at the Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino which was hosted by me and (311 bassist) P-Nut. The support from 311 fans was fantastic!

Thanks so much Nick for taking the time to dish on the Grassroots Uplifter — We plan to obtain one of these Vape-Pens to provide an unbiased product review. Stay tuned for more updates as the Uplifter Vape-Pen evolves and becomes more available.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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