3rd Alley anticipating New Release

3rd Alley anticipating New Release

As mentioned in our Most Anticipated Albums of 2011 article, Long Beach Cali natives, 3rd Alley, is anticipating the release of their 3rd album this summer, Should Woulda Coulda. The band has completed the mixing of the album and is currently working on the hodgepodge track for the ending, along with getting the final touches done for the album artwork. The release date has not been officially announced, however, be on the lookout this summer.

Todd Forman (sublime/sublime with rome) is featured on saxophone/keys while Matt Brien (bargain music/mike pinto band) performs on bass. Andre Davis of Tomorrows Bad Seeds co-wrote the song Sasquatch w/Zack Walters. The album will feature Zack Walters on Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Synths. Jack Hale on Drums. Matt Brien on Bass, Simon Short contributes Bass with Todd Forman on Saxophone & Keys.

Here are the 10 tracks expected for 3rd Alley’s new release in no particular order:

  • Jah Fakin Deejays
  • Medicated
  • Antidote
  • Humpty Drunkee
  • Sasquatch
  • Bloodshot Eyes
  • Greed to Red
  • Space Cadet
  • Drink it Up
  • My Girl’s Got a Rap Sheet
  • Here’s Zack of 3rd Alley had to say about the next full length:
    I can’t help but be me and write about the things I’m inspired by, but the new album will cater to our scene a lot more. We intentionally made this album short in tracks because we wanted to really make all of them shine and not have any get the assembly plant feel. All of the songs stand by themselves. Albums will last forever, might as well make them as great and special as possible right?
    –Zack Walters of 3rd Alley

    On Nov. 16th 2010, 3rd Alley released a double single titled Medicated & Bloodshot Eyes that feature 2 songs from the upcoming Shoulda Woulda Coulda. When The Pier caught up with 3rd Alley front man, Zack Walters regarding the release back in November he described Medicated as a break up song that starts off really dark and depressing, disguised as a happy sounding song to give the song more depth, while the song Bloodshot Eyes was inspired by Diary of a Drug Friend by Aleister Crowley.
    You can read The Pier’s official review of this double-single by clicking HERE

    You may also pick up a copy of 3rd Alley’s acoustic track Space Cadet as featured on the Sense Boardwear Acoustic Compilation available inside The Pier store by clicking HERE