3rd Alley New Album Update!

3rd Alley New Album Update!

3rd Alley has a new album titled Shoulda Woulda Coulda coming out this July and The Pier caught up with 3rd Alley front man Zach Walters as he gives us an inside look at this new release complete with Track List, Album Cover & a background blurb about what we can expect with this new release

The album features guest appearances and on the song Mo Hop Than Hip you’ll hear Zack Walters trading vocals with Knowledgeborn 07. This song was actually on The Pier’s MP3 Leak of the Week a few months back, for those lucky to have gotten it for free! “Sasquatch” was co written by Andre Davis of Tomorrows Bad Seeds & Josh Fischel is featured on a portion of the song The Doors Are Now Closing.

1.) Antidote
2.) Jah Fakin’ Deejays
3.) Space Cadet
4.) Sasquatch
5.) Bloodshot Eyes
6.) Humpty Drunkee
7.) Green to Red
8.) Medicated
9.) Drink it Up
10.) Mo Hop Than Hip
11.) The Doors are Now Closing

Album Personnel:
Zack Walters: vocals, guitar, synth, etc
Jack Hale: drums
Todd Forman: sax, baritone, etc
Matt Brein: bass, backing vocals
Si Short: bass, backing vocals

Here’s what Zack Walters told The Pier about Shoulda Woulda Coulda
“When I first started writing for this album, my mission was to make the most shallow, fun, party inspiring group of songs possible. It started like that, but much to my dismay, they eventually got some substance! Dammit! But we did keep the album geared towards the fun spectrum. We used keyboard bass at times, drum machines at times, keyboards at times and a lot of snaps and claps. Gourde piano, metal sweep, MV-8800 and a mini marshall amp were used on this time. The drums were recorded @ total access in redondo beach, but most of the album was recorded at my house in a quiet little neighborhood in Long Beach. We’ve left some of the “outtakes”. For example there was a bird chirping outside the window when I was doing vocals, and when the song ended I was going off on the bird. Not thinking we’d ever leave it, but taking it out also seemed inappropriate. With that being said, we’ve always been about the songs, and we hope that people dig the songs most of all. The production is great thanks to Adam “king money” Arnold, flying the millennium falcon or running the board and engineering it.”
-Zack Walters of 3rd Alley

Thank you Zack & 3rd Alley, stay tuned here at The Pier for more updates on 3rd Alley & feel free to follow them on their Facebook page by clicking HERE. Are you looking forward to this release? What’s your favorite 3rd Alley song? Spark up a discussion inside our very own Pier Forum with other fans, artists & chatters from the community!