808 Day Brings Large Scale Party Vibes With Landon McNamara and Through The Roots (Live Review 8/8/23)

808 Day Brings Large Scale Party Vibes With Landon McNamara and Through The Roots (Live Review 8/8/23)

The Big Island doesn’t get much play as far as multi-artist shows go, but the 808 Day is changing that narrative one year at a time. Brought to you for a second time by Big Island Grown and Kona Brew, the one day mini-fest brings the large-scale party vibe the island is missing and celebrates Hawaii at every turn — from artists to vendors to fans. 

808 Day is an homage to the iconic area code, held the weekend closest to August 8th and (this year) headlined by North Shore native Landon McNamara followed by Through The Roots, Irie Love, These Guys, and set changes by DJ Hapa boy out of Oahu. Held at Brew Block in Kona, event organizers transformed the humble parking lot into a masterfully planned festival space, complete with a legitimate stage setup, ample vendor areas, and adequate seating. 

Some highlights of the night included:

  1. Through The Roots lead singer Ethan Hawkins stressing that Big Island was the best crowd of the three-city Hawaii tour they concluded and that “You guys are unreal, the energy just keeps going! Big Island brought it tonight!”
  2. DJ Hapa boy busting out deep cuts like “No Scrubs”, “Blow the Whistle”, and “I’m Blue”.
  3. Landon McNamara’s son jumping up and down and singing along to all his dads songs.
  4. Guest appearance from event organizer Drew Daniels with Irie Love, the only female performer of the night. 
  5. All the food and drink vendors. My favorites were vegan food and fresh kombucha.

We are deeply saddened to hear of the devatsting widlfires in Maui which happened just three short days after the 808 Day took place. Our hearts go out to Calvin from Through The Roots. As a Maui native, those closest to him have been affected by the disaster and we send our deepest condolences to him, his family, and his friends.

Review & Photography by Allie Adams