A ‘Unified Highway’ is Under Way

A ‘Unified Highway’ is Under Way

Arriving from separate directions, Rebelution vocalist/guitarist Eric Rachmany and Amp Live (formally of Zion I) meet on the same road to travel together in their creation of Unified Highway.

The collaboration was formed to craft great new music with a unique sound unlike any other. Mark your calendars for March 4th, as this is the album release date for the one-of-a-kind musical partnership.

Thus far there have been two songs off the 13 track album introduced to us through Soundcloud, titled, “My Space” and “Stand Proud”; the latter being released first. This song is a stand out track as it features several artists from numerous genres, including: Shana Halligan, Tahir Panton and Keznamdi.
Considering the amount of artists featured just on this one song, we wondered if we could expect more guests throughout the album. Eric told us, “Yes, lots of guests on this album, Busy Signal, Courtney Panton Jr (New Kingston), Zion-I and The Grouch, Garrett Douglas, Sophia Scott.”

If you’re worried that Rebelution has been pushed to the back burner, have no fear because that is not that case! We asked Eric how Rebelution has been a support to his Unified Highway project and we found out that the band has been very encouraging and helpful. “Yes, Rebelution has been very supportive. Although this project is primarily Amp Live, and myself, many members of the band played instruments. All the horn parts were done by our horn section Zach Meyerowitz and Khris Royal. Rory contributed some keys and melodica to the project as well. Wes did some percussion.”

While the boys of Rebelution have contributed to Unified Highway, Eric let us know that it is important for fans to expect something a little different than Rebelution. Eric and Amp Live have been working together on this project since 2014.

Back on August 5, 2014, Amp Live released a solo album titled, Headphone Concerto and the fourth track on that album, “Signs”, featured Eric Rachmany. We imagine this is where the foundation of today’s Unified Highway began.

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They formed a vision together for Unified Highway that is to produce meaningful music that will move listeners both physically and emotionally.

Following the album release, what can you expect from the dynamite duo? Well, you heard it here first; Unified Highway already has a few shows lined up! Keep on the lookout because they will be announced within the next few weeks. Further down the road the two shared that they “hope to do a second album in the next couple years with lots of features.”

Between the self-titled Unified Highway album dropping March 4th, a Rebelution live album coming out shortly after, and a new Rebelution album on its way, Eric wants all of his fans to know to: “expect a lot of good stuff in 2016!”

You can pre-order a physical or digital copy of Unified Highway, including Vinyl, and when you do, you’ll receive a free download of “My Space” and “Stand Proud” in addition to a Feb 5th download of “Losing My Religion”. Download your copy by clicking HERE or on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Unified Highway – Unified Highway track-list:
Unified-Highway-Album-Art1.) The Beginning
2.) Unified
3.) My SPace
4.) Distraction (feat. Garrett Douglas)
5.) Stand Proud (feat. Shana Halligan, Tahir Pantonand & Keznamdi)
6.) Cuatro Veinte
7.) My Only (feat. Busy Signal)
8.) Rain Day in Autumn
9.) Sam Thing Coming (feat. Zion I)
10.) Losing My Religion
11.) We Can’t Fall (feat. Courtney Panton)
12.) Never the Same (feat. Sophia Scott)
13.) Highway

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Article By: Julia Goodman

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