Alborosie “Destiny” Album Review

Alborosie “Destiny” Album Review

Sicilian-native Alborosie pursues his destiny as one the leading reggae singer-songwriters on the planet.

Alborosie DESTINY album reviewAlborosie “Destiny” Album Review

Alborosie is known for his provocative lyrics and mind elevating sound, and there is nothing stopping him. His drive to create a signature sound, with his positive intentions are cultivated through his passion for the reggae culture.

The 12-track masterpiece collective delivers his signature progressive resonance, strong and unmatched.

The first track “Destiny”, is a hypnotic trance, preparing us for the musical journey in this album. The next track “Over My Shoulder” (feat. Buju Banton). This song carries
beautifully with lushness and vibrations straight from the roots of reggae.

My personal favorite is, “Nah Sell Out” (feat. Kabaka Pyramid). This powerful track leads to a clear visual. You can choose the easier path when pursuing your dreams, and if you are prepared to sell your soul. Or the alternative, rise to the top with integrity, respect, and compassion the true way of a warrior.

“Give it to Them” (feat. Burro Banton), and extraordinary trip, a psychedelic progressive, deep rooted reggae tracks, those groves so smooth. “Faith”(feat. Jaz Elise), is a strong notion of faith
we need to hold strong through the seasons. This track is enlightening, echoes the passion for culture. The entire album has got to be reggae album if the year, it been a long time I have
heard something this rich in culture.

Alborosie is the epitome of perseverance, his music career has taken off but not without sacrifice. He gave up everything to follow his path in music, looks he made the best decision.
His music and lyrics drive the soul, and there is nothing getting in his way. But he remains steady to his path of truth and following his destiny. Check out the album, you will not regret it!

Review by: Suzanne Sanchez