Alborosie to release New Album!

Alborosie to release New Album!

Alberto “Alborosie” D’Ascola is back with 2 Times Revolution, a brand-new collection of hits from the Italian-born, Jamaican-based multi-faceted musician, scheduled for release from VP Records on June 21, 2011. Using music to express his rebel within, Alborosie serves up 16 tracks composed of his favored socially conscious lyrics and delivered in his trademark Jamaican-tinged vocals.

2 Times Revolution profiles Alborosie in a lyrical battle with music as his ministry. “I love myself and I respect myself,” he reveals. “I also love people and I respect them too. That is the root of my message and so that is what I push in my music all the while.” Beyond the realm of being a talented singer and songwriter, Alborosie also plays most of the instruments and produces the majority of this album. Honing his craft as a musician has not only accelerated his sound but helped him define and mold it into this studio effort.

Showcasing singles such as “Respect” featuring Junior Reid and “You Make Me Feel Good” featuring Etana, Alborosie is hitting with tunes for fans across the board. He takes a bilingual turn in “La Revolucion,” rhyming in both Spanish and English for a rather unique showing on a roots reggae record and a guaranteed pleaser for his international fan base. He also embraces his Italian heritage with “International Drama,” singing the plight of early Italian immigrants in New York. Both a freedom fighter and defender of the poor on tracks like “Tax War” and “What If Jamaica,” Alborosie gets autobiographical on “Who Do You Think You Are” and even infuses hip-hop into the mix with “Raggamuffin,” thereby building his repertoire with this definitive spectrum of sentiments and sounds.

It is clear this album will expand his reach from his current cult following around the globe and Alborosie is amped to share his new messages with the masses. “The music is like a ministry, and I don’t even think of myself as doing reggae anymore,” discloses Alborosie. “I’m doing ‘Jahspel’ music instead, which is a form of gospel music. We’re redesigning the whole concept of it and I’m here to change everything, believe me.”

1.) Rolling Like A Rock
2.) Respect
3.) Who You Think You Are
4.) La Revolucion
5.) I Wanna Go Home
6.) You Make Me Feel Good
7.) International Drama
8.) Camilla
9.) Tax War
10.) Jesus He’s Coming
11.) Ragamuffin
12.) Soul Train
13.) Grow Your Dreads
14.) Rude Bwoy Love
15.) What If Jamaica
16.) Games (Digital Exclusive)

Here is the official music video to the song Kingston Town