Alborosie’s New Single “Rise” + Touring!

Alborosie’s New Single “Rise” + Touring!

Liv Up Records is riding the Zion Train Riddim once again. The release features the new single “Rise” by artist Alborosie. The Italian songwriter and long time Kingston resident has been working hard in the studio in preparation for upcoming spring and summer tour dates!

The year 2005 began Clinton Marsh’s difficult journey building Liv Up Records in West Kingston, Jamaica. With five number one hits, Liv Up established themselves as a force to be reckoned within the dancehall scene. Marsh, the native from Grants Pen, Jamaica decided to put the label on hiatus when i-alborosie1tragedy struck in 2010.

After the United States requested the extradition of drug kingpin Christopher “Dudus” Coke, the Jamaican police and military moved in on his cartel. Coke’s Shower Posse attacked police stations and the incursion was taken to the streets near Tivoli Gardens where 73 civilians lost their lives and nearly 35 were wounded.

Marsh, along with Orlando Allen, O’Neil Clarke and Leighton Coke will bring Liv Up and the Zion Train to higher levels with Alborosie’s song “Rise”. Get up on your feet and throw your arms up while you breath in the fresh air and listen to this wonderful, soul-awakening song by such a talented multi-instrumentalist.

Alborosie will head to Europe and concentrate most of his time in performing in France but will also play two shows in Italy and one in the Netherlands. He travels stateside to California on May 23rd to play a concert in Santa Cruz before driving south one hour to Monterey, California to share the stage with Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley, SOJA and Iration at the California Roots Festival.


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Article by: Blake Taylor

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