Angelo Moore’s Solo Album!

Angelo Moore’s Solo Album!

The Doctor is in! Fishbone’s leading man Angelo Moore, AKA Dr. Madd Vibe, has released yet another solo album after 30+ years of musical practice. On September 18th, after exceeding $25,000 on his kickstarter project last year, The Angelo Show hit local retail & digital outlets around the nation. His newest release features sixteen eclectic, yet outlandish songs that are sure to stir the calmest of nerves.

Known for his upbeat, feverish vocal style and white-hot sax solos, Moore’s energy has brought years of success and popularity. The doctor has been invited to sing and play the sax with many fellow all-stars including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Gwen Stefani, and Slightly Stoopid. Now, with the release of his fourth musical endeavor, one should expect nothing short of a fiasco.

Dr. Madvibe – The Angelo Show
1.)The Angelo Show Part 1 – Yes it’s all about ME
2.) Optimistic YES
3.) Mack Truck
4.) Revolutionary Girl
5.) Angelo Show Part 2 – LE’Bull
6.) Icepick
7.) Fate
8.) Angel Show Part 3 – Le’Crow/Rocco
9.) Car Dodging Pidgin
10.) This Here island
11.) Field of Groupies
12.) Angelo Show pt.4 Legull
13.) Me & My Spouse
14.) Bitch Magnet
15.)This Feelin
16.) Angelo Show pt.5 Dr. Maddvibe

As Dr. Madd Vibe himself explains it, his album is full of creative, eclectic music; “ska, reggae, funk, jazz, punk, rock, gospel, gothic music machine, that’s me!” Through his kickstarter campaign, Angelo Moore explains that he recorded and produced the entire record, as well as played all the instruments. The Angelo Show is available through many major digital outlets, so pick it up today!

Article By: Matt Emodi

Check out the music video Angelo recored for the song Optimistic YES