Arise Roots Collaborates with Hirie

Arise Roots Collaborates with Hirie

This passed October, yet another special Roots-Reggae collaboration took place at E.N Young’s Imperial Sound Recording Studio when Los Angeles’ Arise Roots traveled down to the San Diego based studio. The freshly recorded single is titled, “Cool Me Down,” and features the vocals of Hirie.

According to Arise Roots, the song had only been worked on for a few weeks before it began it’s recording stages on October 4th. At that time, both HIRIE and E.N Young were gearing up for the Tribal Youth Tour with Tribal Seeds and Fortunate Youth on what would be Hirie’s first ever national tour. As a result, the artists had a thin time-frame to work with. Todd Johnson, keyboardist for Arise Roots, believes “the spontaneity of it added to the natural vibe of the track.”

When asked why the band chose Imperial Sound Recording Studio for production, Todd and the band responded with, “We chose Imperial Sound Recording Studio based off the recordings HIRIE had. We wanted the whole package. Her album sounded great from top to bottom and we wanted to blend her style with ours while still getting the sound that E.N Young is achieving over there. We’re stoked on how it all came out, and can’t wait to release it officially!”

As a side note, Todd’s first band in high school was with the saxophone player for Hirie, Chris Hampton, who had recently recorded at the studio for Hirie’s debut self-titled album.

In addition to their new single, Arise Roots has announced plans to make an official music video for “Cool Me Down.” With hopes of a release by the end of the year, the guys have chosen Kevin Chiu as the director.

Although no release date has been set for the single, Arise Roots enjoyed their time recording with E.N Young so much that they have decided to finish the rest of their album at Imperial Sound Recording Studio. Todd added, “All the songs are basically written so right now we’re just trying to raise the funds to complete it. If you haven’t had a chance to get any of our previous albums check them out on iTunes, stream us on Spotify, or come to a show and pick one up along with some of our merch! Big up The Pier!”

As always, make sure to check back with The Pier for more updates from your favorite artists within the Reggae community!

Arise Roots Upcoming Show Dates:
November 16th @ Pitzer College’s 12th Annual Reggae Music and Arts Festival. Claremont, CA. (w/ True Press & more)
November 27th @ The Echoplex. Los Angeles, CA. (w/ The Expanders & more)
December 7th @ DiPiazzas. Long Beach, CA. (w/ Beyond I Sight & Gonzo, Stranger Band and Ital Vibes)
December 18th @ Anarchy Library. Downey, CA.

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Article By: David Garcia

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