Artist Radar: Andreas Ramirez aka SanAndreas

Artist Radar: Andreas Ramirez aka SanAndreas

Andreas Ramirez is a 28-year-old up and coming recording artist who performs under the name SanAndreas. He just released his first ever song, “Emergency,” followed by “Bow & Arrow”, both of which were produced by his older brother, Rome Ramirez, of Sublime with Rome. SanAndreas is also responsible for much of the social media content you see for both Sublime with Rome and Dirty Heads.

Artist Radar: SanAndreas

SanAndreas got his name from the San Andreas fault line and was born right after the major earth quake that shook the San Francisco Bay area in 1989. “The earthquake shook me out,” jokes Ramirez. And out he came growing up listening to mo-town and roots reggae music. “Something about the soul and sound quality from the old Mo-town and roots records that get my creative wheels moving! I’m also a gamer nerd so I don’t mind listening to soundtracks to games like ‘Skyrim’ or movies like ‘Jurasssic Park.'”
Andreas would grow up to take his hand at photography and received an opportunity to be a content creator for Sublime with Rome. Under the same management, he was also working for Dirty Heads, traveling with each band on their respective tours, providing around-the-clock content over the last few years. “Being surrounded by the guys on the road and in the studio had a huge impact on my music career. Sitting back and being a sponge behind a lens allowed me to gather knowledge and yet it is also a humbling experience leading me to understand just how much hard work it takes to create something beautiful.” Andreas continues, “My brother Rome Ramirez inspires and pushes my artistic capabilities on the regular. Being a freelance photographer and content creator for the scene allows me to implement those skills into my own artistry.”

With his finger on the pulse of everything from music to media and content, SanAndreas is ready to step out on his own to show his chops as a singer and producer who records and releases his own music. He and his brother Rome co-own their own label called Fresh Goods Music and at the label, Andreas tells us: “We have strict quality control which drives me to write better records, and always be improving. We are all buddies at our label, so we aren’t afraid to tell each other when something is amazing or when it sucks.””

SanAndreas’s first song, “Emergency,” is a pop jam with subtle reggae undertones that has general likability with the way the beat drops in and out, spotlighting the fun & creative bass with Andreas singing over the top. The song was written as a fictional story, meant to hit close to home, coming about during a break-up and as Andreas puts it: “it was what my heart wanted to say at the time. I had some help with our team at Fresh Goods Music by shooting around some lines and getting opinions.”

One quick take-away from the song is that Andreas sounds undeniably similar to his brother Rome. After a few listens I can hear that Andreas has more of a stand-up, cleaner delivery than that of his brother with more pop sensibilities as a front-man and/or solo artist. SanAndreasRome, however, is an exceptional producer and the type of music he is producing for his younger brother makes them a great team to pay attention to moving forward, especially as they begin to collectively push their new Fresh Goods Music label that also currently houses Rome, Know-Madik, and Noah Jvmes.

Andreas has a solid and successful team that can help guide him on the right path, not to mention his access to quality production and development. What he doesn’t have is a band to hit the road with to perform these songs live, but that’s not something he’s in a rush to do at the moment. “I would love to eventually develop a band of solid musicians supporting me. I would like it to happen as organic as possible. I feel that if its natural it will add to the longevity and also to the chemistry that takes place on stage… So yaaaa, know any drummers? [Haha]”

Andreas concludes: “As for now I am hitting the stage with an acoustic guitar and pouring my heart out on the mic, but I’m working on the bells and whistles, thinking of more ways to make it a special experience for the audience! I would love to open up for Sublime with Rome or Dirty Heads in the future, but I believe it is really important to develop a fan base of my own, so Thank You all for the support!”

Watch: SanAndreas – “Emergency”


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Article By: Mike Patti

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