Artist Radar: Apex Vibe

Artist Radar: Apex Vibe

This week, The Pier’s Artist Radar is on Denver, CO’s own Apex Vibe. Check back every Thursday for a NEW Artist Radar complete with artist background, photo, a FREE MP3 Download and MORE!
Enjoy the read on Apex Vibe…

Apex Vibe Bio/Background:
Five Individuals come together to create positive music to spread a message of love, revolution, and unity. This sound is Apex Vibe. Appearing on the Denver, CO music scene in January 2007 with the intention of making music people can dance to, Apex Vibe has clearly met that challenge and more. Known for their electric live performances and sharing the stage with artists like Mystic Roots Band, Flobots, Collie Buddz, Selasee, Passafire and the Supervillians, Apex Vibe brings lots of crowd participation with every show they play. Their single Saturday Morning, which was featured on their latest 2010 EP Elevate, is a similar soundscape bringing you back to the Omaha roots of 311, or the Long Beach sounds of Sublime. Hell, your grandma might even crack a 40 oz after just a few minutes of listening to these Denver reggae/rock boys.

Either way the joint effort of writing songs as a band together and tirelessly digging deep to find the pocket of sound in which they have honed in on has helped the band’s sound come full circle from their origins in an orange basement on the west side of Denver. Apex Vibe is not your normal white boy reggae. They are reaching for a new place in time where dub reggae hooks up with the foundation of rock n roll and is baked at a Mile High temperature that becomes a delicious treat for the ear drums. So sit back, relax and hand you’re grandma a 40 as we give you this weeks artist radar featuring Denver’s very own!

Article by: Chad Hillje

Free Apex Vibe MP3:

Apex Vibe- Elevate
Song: Saturday Morning

Courtesy of Apex Vibe, here is the song Saturday Morning off their latest release, Elevate, for FREE Download.

Apex Vibe Brown Links:
Apex Vibe Website
Apex Vibe Facebook
Apex Vibeon Myspace

  • Some of the groups we select for the Artist Radar you may have already heard of, at which point we encourage you tell your friends to come check out the feature on the group that always includes a free song if nothing else! Its our goal to introduce you to new music & artists, such as Denver’s own, Apex Vibe. So for those who have not heard of him, we hope you enjoyed the read & FREE song Saturday Morning
  • Here is a fun practice session from Apex Vibe jaming out.