Artist Radar: Dan Sherrill

Artist Radar: Dan Sherrill

For this weeks Artist Radar, The Pier set its focus on Dan Sherrill, a native of South Dakota & a Wyoming local who plays Reggae-Rock, Acoustic Roots. Read the background, exclusive interview along with a FREE song from Mr. Sherrill! Check back every Thursday for a NEW Artist Radar.

Dan Sherrill Bio/Background:
South Dakota Native and Wyoming Local, singer/songwriter/trumpet Player, Dan Sherrill continues to tour the Midwestern and Western United States aggressively. Based out of Wheatland, Wyoming, this professional musician and school teacher performs well over 100+ shows a year across the country. Dan has opened for, supported, or toured with notable national acts including Mishka, The B-Foundation, Pato Banton, Expendables, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, EEK-A-Mouse, Collective Soul, Spin Doctors, Dela and C-Money (from Slightly Stoopid), Mike Pinto, BALLYHOO!, Josh Fischel (Bargain Music), Jah Roots, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Fayuca, and George Clinton to name a few. Whether Dan is rockin’ the stage as a 1-man, 2-man, or 3-man ensemble, or joining a band on stage with his trumpet, his talent is unique, top notch, heartfelt, and not going unnoticed.

Free Dan Sherrill MP3:
Dan Sherrill – D’Milestone (Acoustic)
Courtesy of Dan Sherrill, here is an acoustic song called D’Milestone for Free Download! He is currently in the studio finishing the album. Keep an out for a new release and a tour coming this late spring/summer!

Dan Sherrill Interview:
The Pier caught up with Wyoming’s reggae cowboy, Dan Sherrill in Brighton, Colorado at The Flood Stage to discuss his new album, juggling family life, and touring. This is what he had to say. Giddy up!

The Pier: You are a busy guy! First, a family man; second, a musician; and third, an elementary school gym teacher and wrestling coach. How do you do it?
Dan Sherrill: It’s tough! I love it though. I have a guitar in my office and I’m always playing it. The kids at school appreciate music and I have fun with it. Melodic music goes a long way. They don’t really know the extent of which that guitar plays in my life (laughs).

The Pier: That’s rad! You are able to somehow find time to tour a lot and you can be heard throughout the Midwest on almost any weekend in Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota and of course Wyoming, just to name a few states. Are there any plans for an East Coast/West Coast tour in the near future?
Dan Sherrill: I love the West Coast! I have done several West Coast tours through the years teaming up with Mike Pinto. I love to play California and Arizona. I would love to make it out to the North West soon. I don’t really see an East Coast tour anytime soon. Someday for sure!

The Pier: You have been embraced by Colorado’s Reggae/Rock party band SlaughterHouse Rootz and can be seen playing trumpet for them from time to time and you’re featured on their album “Balls, Sacks & Bass”. How did this relation develop?
Dan Sherrill: Oh man. I met those guys back around 2006. I was on a couple of tour legs with “Living Dread” and two of our stops were in Boulder and Denver and we played with those guys and had a great time. The proximity of our geographic locations are so close, so we decided to start doing some shows together and the rest is history. Kyle and Dana are on my new album and gave a SlaughterHouse Rootz flavor to it.

The Pier: We’re excited to hear it! Can you give us an idea of when it will be available and how the process is going?
Dan Sherrill: This album has been one heck of a challenge! My typical weekend, in terms of this album, consists of playing a show on Friday. Then I get into the studio Saturday morning or afternoon which is 3-4 hours from my house in Wyoming. I play a show on Saturday night. Sunday I go back to the studio with what time I have and then back to the family if I don’t have a show that night. My album, D’Milestone will be released on March 18th and it will be available on iTunes and CD Baby. I’m pretty excited about it.

The Pier: I’ll speak on behalf of the Dan Sherrill fans out there and say that it’s about time (laughs). Good luck with the finishing touches you are now doing on the album and we are excited for the album and the future Dan Sherrill Music.
Dan Sherrill: Thanks to The Pier for your support.

Article & Interview by: Chad Hillje
Edited by: Kyle Hillje

Dan Sherrill Links:
Dan Sherrill Facebook
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Dan Sherrill YouTube

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    Here is Dan Sherrill performing D’Milestone Live Acoustic