Artist Radar: Echo Movement

Artist Radar: Echo Movement

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Echo Movement Bio/Background:

The name Echo Movement is a reference to Generation Y, also called the Echo Generation.

The band was originally formed in 2004 by brothers Stephen and David Fowler. They recorded and released a self-titled album in June 2005. In 2006, Drum Corps International veteran Colin Bell joined the band. Among the three, plus a series of guest musicians, Echo Movement independently released their second full-length album in June 2006, On My Way.
With the addition of a horn section, Echo Movement expanded to an eight-piece band in 2008. The band released their third independent album in June 2009, In The Ocean.

In The Ocean was met with immense popular growth and a debut national tour, including a leg of the Warped Tour 2009. The tour, Echo Movement In The Ocean ’09 was funded by a series of sponsors, including clothing, surf and wellness companies. This proved a breakthrough tour for Echo Movement, even receiving accolades from Warped Tour owner Kevin Lyman, who went on saying the band was Great in a Fuel TV interview.

Echo Movement is releasing an 8-track album this summer called Music Played On. It will feature remakes and new versions of songs off their first two albums self-titles and On My Way. Stephen says Our first two albums were really experimental. We took songs off those albums that best define our current vibe and sound and breathed a life of higher consciousness into them.

Echo Movement is also expecting to release a full album with all new material in late 2012. Stephen concluded with We have been working on this one for a while now, and while we can’t wait to release “Music Played On, we are also really eager to hit the studio this fall!

Free Echo Movement MP3:

Album: In The Ocean
FREE Song: All I Can

Echo Movement’s song All I Can is about making ends meet as a musician. Dave started writing the song ten years ago, rewriting and reworking the song as he and his brother abandoned normalcy and became full-time musicians. Dave says frustration, destitution and aimlessness are all passengers of the song, but the driving emotion is prospective hope. “All I Can” also pays homage to Bob Marley with melodic and lyrical references to Three Little Birds.

You can pick up the album In The Ocean inside The Pier Store by clicking HERE

Echo Movement’s Upcoming Shows
Apr 09 @ Radford Reggae Spring Fest. Radford, VA
Apr 15 @ The Studio at Webster Hall, New York, NY
Apr 17 @ ExtravaGanja. Amherst, MA
Apr 29 @ North Star Bar. Philadelphia, PA

Echo Movement Links:
Echo Movement Myspace
Echo Movement Facebook
Echo Movement Twitter

Echo Movement performing two songs 15 Minutes and Daydreamer off their album In The Ocean at Warped Tour 2009:

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