Artist Radar: Jet West

Artist Radar: Jet West

Every week we get an email with “Jet West – Dropping In” as the subject line letting us know whats new. So we thought for this week, The Pier’s Artist Radar will now fall on San Diego’s own Jet West. Check back every Thursday for a NEW Artist Radar complete with artist background, photo, tour dates, a FREE MP3 Download and MORE!
Enjoy the read on Jet West…

Jet West Bio:
Living in Southern California has proven to be the secret recipe for Jet West. Their music is inspired by the tan girls, good waves, and great weather of So Cal and they aim to share that through every song. Jet West dedicates themselves to every fan and every band at every show which truly represents their true passion for live music itself. Their aspiration is to play music for their family, friends and fans with energy and focus aimed at each and every person in the crowd.

They just might have what it is your looking for. You know, that sound that makes you want to take that long drive, love someone, drop in on an overhead wave or even just to kick it on a porch. Whatever it is you do, or wherever you are from, they know.

Free Jet West MP3:

FREE Song: Irie Eyes

What is this song about?
“It’s a story about a girl in a beautiful paradise, getting “irie-eyed” for the first time and feeling completely out of her element. She completely surrenders herself to the moment”
-Jet West

Feel free to download a few more songs from Jet West inside our MP3 Massive section by clicking HERE

The Jet West Upcoming Shows
May 22nd @ Belly Up Tavern – (Solana Beach, CA) Musicpalooza
May 28th @ 2nd Annual California Roots Music Festival – Monterey, CA)
June 3rd @ Del Mar Fair – Media Party (San Diego, CA)
June 5th @ San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon – (San Diego, CA)
June 10th @ San Diego County Fair – Paddock Stage – (San Diego, CA)
June 18th @ Martinez Lake Cantina (Yuma, AZ)
June 23rd @ House of Blues – “Rock to Stop Violence” – (San Diego, CA)
June 25th @ Ocean Beach Street Fair – Main Stage (Ocean Beach, CA)
July 14th @ Saint Rocke – (Hermosa Beach, CA)
July 15th @ Frog and Peach – (San Luis Obisbo, CA)
July 23rd @ Winstons (Ocean Beach, CA)
October 16th @ Escondido Street Faire – (Escondido, CA)

Jet West Links:
Jet West Facebook
Jet West Youtube
Jet West Twitter
Jet West itunes

  • Some of the groups we select for the Artist Radar you may have already heard of, at which point we encourage you tell your friends to come check out the feature on the group that always includes a free song if nothing else! Its our goal to introduce you to new music & artists, such as Jet West. So for those who have not heard of them, we hope you enjoyed the read & FREE live song ofSidewalk SKA

  • Here is the official music video to the song Sunday by Jet West