Artist Radar: Ka’ale & The Truth

Artist Radar: Ka’ale & The Truth

Welcome to another Pacific Island themed Artist Radar. Our weekly Artist Radar articles will be dedicated to each of the groups featured on the FREE Pacific Island Sampler. This week, we put our spotlight on the Kona, HI locals, Ka’ale & The Truth.

Ka’ale & The Truth has a 9 track album out titled “Patience Cultivated” in which Ka’ale was kind enough to give The Pier track 8 off the album with the song “Here In The Kingdom” for FREE download on our Pacific Island Sampler. The Album was released back in 2010 on L.O. Pro Records.

Ka’ale & The Truth Free MP3s:

FREE Song: “Here In The Kingdom”

Pacific Island Sampler Song Info:
“I wrote the song “Here in the Kingdom” back in 2005. The song was inspired and driven by hope for my Hawaiian culture to survive through the hearts of the people. A very good bredjryn of mine, Ryan Nohokai Kelly (Kamehameha Projects) created the rhythm and passed it on to me for material to write to. The music was then transposed into a live format with the help of Pat Eskildsen, Kumara Etzel and Seti Orion of Island Vortex Studios in Kailua Kona where the song was produced for the album “Patience Cultivated.”
– Ka’ale

Ka’ale Background
Born on the slopes of Mt. Hualalai in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i, culture, heritage, as well as love and strength through family have without a doubt shaped every perspective of who I am today. Growing up in the Islands, music played a very important role in my everyday life. Reggae music in particular saturated the airwaves and became a major influence on my art.

Conscious Hip Hop also had a huge influence on my works, as well as revolutionary grunge. In 2004 I connected with a group of talented lyricists and beat makers who inspired me to write my own lyrics. With so much color in music it makes it infinitely impossible to choose one genre as the better. Riding high on a reggae vibe, blending roots with a rock edge and a dose of conscious hip hop, Ka’ale brings a unique form of sound to music.

Through explosive lyrical delivery and poetic prowess each track on “Patience Cultivated” expresses its own heart on the sleeve emotion. From love to dismay, triumph and the struggle, past, present and future. Positive communications through words and a next level sound puts Ka’ale and the Truth in a category all alone.

The Pier was able to catch up with Ka’ale to answer a few questions and introduce themselves to The Pier community. Check out the Interview & Video below and be sure to follow Ka’ale on Facebook by clicking HERE

The Pier: Being from Kona, HI, what is the culture of the music in Kailua-Kona, HI right now and how it may differ from the rest of the Pacific Islands?
Ka’ale: Well, it really depends on what scene you’re in I suppose. Of course, Jahwaiian Reggae and commercial hip hop overwhelm the airwaves but I feel there is a heavy underground hip hop and roots rock reggae presence. I feel no matter where you’re from in the Pacific, roots music is heavily related in lyrical content, melodies and rhythm but each place brings their own version of style. No doubt dub step is coming up hard, so there will definitely be some evolving, but roots music will continue to be the foundation of the Pacific.

The Pier: With this FREE Pacific Island Sampler, you guys gave us the song “Here In The Kingdom”. For a lot of fans, this is their first impression to your music. How do these songs represent your group, and what do you want fans to take away from your music?
Ka’ale: These songs represent me truthfully. And I can only hope people will listen with open ears and open minds. My songs are my versions of trials and tribulations which I hope will help uplift and inspire others.

The Pier: Are there any plans to take your music outside of the Pacific Islands? Are there any tour plans?
Ka’ale: I would love to take the music to the outer reaches of the world. But, monetary problems seem to burden my movement. Without any financial backing, it has been a struggle to promote my music, in the live sense, past the Hawaiian Islands. Believe me when I say I want to get out there and burn up some stage.

The Pier: With so much talent sprouting out of the Pacific Islands, What insight would you give us on groups coming out of Hawaii? Which groups are making a lot of noise on the rock?
Ka’ale: In Hawaii its always good to keep your ear to the ground. Talent is bred on these islands. Right now, the music I think is making a lot of noise out on the rock is Bruno Mars hahhahhah!!! Fo’ real I think Ai Pohaku from the big Big Island without a doubt is the sickest roots group.

The Pier:What do you think it is that makes Island Music so popular?
Ka’ale: The vibe.

The Pier: What music or albums do you have out right now and where can fans pick them up. Any plans in the future for new releases?
Ka’ale: I have Kamehameha Projects album released in 2006. LoPro and Lai Jin Den albums both released simultaniously in 2008. And Patience Cultivated released in 2010. Patience Cultivated is available on Itunes, CD Baby, rhapsody,, etc. Check out Reverb Nation for music from the other albums. Currently mashin out tracks in the studio. I most definetely have plans for new releases, early to mid 2012

Much love & raspect to Ka’ale for taking the time out to answer a few questions. Pick up their album Patience Cultivated on CDBaby & follow them on Facebook!

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Article & Interview by: Mike Patti