Artist Radar: Kawao

Artist Radar: Kawao

Welcome to another Pacific Island themed Artist Radar. Our weekly Artist Radar articles will be dedicated to each of the groups featured on the FREE Pacific Island Sampler. This week, we put our spotlight on the Waianae, HI locals, KAWAO.

KAWAO established their island music credentials in 2005 with their debut album One of Those Days. Fall 2006 their smash hit “Girl, Let Me Know” hit the airwaves and they continue to demonstrate such hit potential in subsequent years with the release of sophomore album The Secret’s Out! in 2006 and third album in 2008 The Bond That Binds.

Kawao Free MP3s:

FREE Songs: “Serious For Me” and “Bounce”

Kawao submitted 2 songs on the Sampler for FREE download. The first song, Serious For Me was recorded at Studio One in Halawa Hawaii. The song was written on behalf of all the shy guys in Hawaii who really want to get to know the ladies a bit better, but need a little help of encouragement. So all you shy guys, push play in front of the ladies and see what happens!

The other song, Bounce was also recorded at Studio One in Halawa Hawaii & Kawao describes this song being written for the party people, but especially for the ladies looking to party and have a good time, the Kawao way. “For us, its always about peace, love, happiness and good vibes. If you are looking to have some clean fun, then let’s ba ba bounce bounce!” says Walt G of Kawao.

Kawao Background
Kawao the 3 time Hawaii Music Award winners and 3 time Na Hoku Hanohano award nominees, resilience is magnified in their new fourth album entitled DETERMINED. Amid chaos and controversy, KAWAO’s remarkable talent and fierce determination help to solidify their legacy as one of Hawaii’s Island Contemporary Music artists’ whose songs have now worked their way into the very fabric of our times.

From backyard Kanikapila to the heights of super-stardom, to dominating local favorite hot spots, to 2009 Na Hoku Hanohano nominees, to winning People’s Choice Hawaii Music Awards twice for reggae album of the year, and 2009 DVD of the year with Love & Appreciation dedicated to their loyal fans. KAWAO juggles the increasing demands of family, day jobs and a music career.

With the release of this new album, KAWAO is DETERMINED to win your approval as they live up to their name KAWAO – in translation, to work together to bring you island music that is satisfying to your soul!

The Pier was able to catch up with KAWAO to answer a few questions and introduce themselves to The Pier community. Check out the Interview & Video below and be sure to follow Kawao on Facebook by clicking HERE

The Pier: Being from Waianae, HI, what is the culture of the music in Waianae right now and how it may differ from the rest of the Pacific Islands?
Kawao: Here in Hawaii we are very big on reggae, lover’s rock, R&B, funk and Hawaiian music. We really try to somehow integrate all of these styles, qualities and feel while at times including the ukulele into our music that we create. Because of this, I feel it makes us different from the rest of the Pacific islands.

The Pier: With this FREE Pacific Island Sampler, you guys gave us 2 songs With “Serious For Me” and “Bounce”. For a lot of fans, this is their first impression to your music. How do these songs represent your group, and what do you want fans to take away from your music?
Kawao: Kawao’s lover’s rock, reggae, skanking, pop, rhythm & blues, island sound will intrigue many audiences in the 808-state, nationally, and internationally, far reaching across Oceania as of Guam, Saipan and Tahiti, to Japan and Germany. Kawaostylee vibe – sexy, smooth, energetic reputation from their numerous live performances and recordings will surely be a satisfying and pleasing flavor to the ear.

The Pier: Are there any plans to take your music outside of the Pacific Islands? Are there any tour plans?
Kawao: We recently did shows in Guam, San Diego, Las Vegas, Washington state and Idaho, but now we will be focusing more on finishing our new album for now. We plan on setting up shows on the continent once again as soon as our new project is released. So, if there are any promoters out there looking to book Kawao on the mainland soon, feel free to call The Davis Agencies and Rick Davis at 808-239-5867.

The Pier: With so much talent sprouting out of the Pacific Islands, What insight would you give us on groups coming out of Hawaii? Which groups are making a lot of noise on the rock?
Kawao: There is no way to point out just a few bands. All of the island groups are creating nice vibing sounds. Big ups to all of the island musicians creating and sharing their talents and sounds here on the rock. BUT, the group The Green has just won Hawaii’s prestigious award of Na Hour Hanohano Reggae Album Of The Year for 2011 here on the islands.

The Pier:What do you think it is that makes Island Music so popular?
Kawao: Great SKANKABLE rhythms and beats! If your head bobs, then the body will follow. Yei yei! We love our reggae music here in Hawaii. So, we as artist here on the island, apply those lovely reggae downbeat skanks and good vibe bass lines to our style of music that form our own sound of Island Music.

The Pier: You have a DVD out titled “With Love & Appreciation” and it was named Best DVD of the Year by Hawaii Music Awards. What can fans expect from this DVD, how exactly did it come together and where can fans pick up a copy?
Kawao: The fans can expect pure honesty from Kawao in this DVD. We invite you all in and share our hearts with you on why we love creating and sharing our music. Kawao music is a lifestyle that we live and enjoy, while spreading its infectious vibe through the land. This DVD was inspired and put together for our beloved fans that have supported Kawao since 2003. This DVD is a token of our appreciation for them. Without the fans allowing us to do what we do,,,,, we would not be where we are today!
Fans can pick up their copy of our DVD entitled “With Love And Appreciation” at Amazon.

The Pier: What music or albums do you have out right now and where can fans pick them up. Any plans in the future for new releases?
Kawao: We currently have 3 albums out with “The Secret’s Out”, “The Bond That Binds” and “DETERMINED” that can be purchased online via iTunes by clicking HERE . We also Have a brand new single just release on ITunes entitled “Hawaiian Woman.” We are currently in the studio recording a brand new album and will be releasing it before December. It’s being recorded at Go Aloha Studio & produced by Imua Garza & Walt G. There should be 12 songs on the new album.

Big up to Kawao for taking the time out to answer a few questions. They have 3 albums and a new single to choose from, but in the meantime, if you haven’t already, go download the Pacific Island Sampler & follow our coverage inside the Pacific Island Blog

Interview by: Mike Patti

Here is a video of Kawao with the song “Going So Crazy”