Artist Radar: Spiritual Rez

Artist Radar: Spiritual Rez

This week, The Pier’s Artist Radar is on Spiritual Rez. Check back every Thursday for a NEW Artist Radar complete with artist background, photo, a FREE MP3 Download and MORE!
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Spiritual Rez Bio/Background:
There is nothing more mind-bending than diverse sounds and omni-present textures…the music that changes your mind and your soul. The Spiritual Rez six-piece reggae horn funk dance experience is an unabashed display of musical virtuosity. When paired with a deep, sub-sonic groove and powerful heart felt vocalization, crowds are left dancing and screaming for more. Over the past eight years, these six men have relentlessly toured the country to share their music and appreciation of the arts. Rooted in rock, reggae, and funk, their diversity exemplifies their love and desire to put on a live experience that will not only cut to your core, but also ignite the inner flame that exists in us all. A constant festival favorite, The Rez can shake a stage like a psychedelic dance earthquake. Evoking their personal power animals, they fearlessly forge into the musically unknown, creating a masterpiece every performance. It’s this power, this creative desire, that has fans traveling across the nation to experience this raw and intoxicating display of musical bliss.

Free Spiritual Rez MP3:

Album: The Nexus
FREE Song: Alone Again

Guitarist Van Gordon Martin’s thoughts on their song Alone Again:
As a song comes from a place that we all need at times; a place of solace, meditation, and self reliance; a place “where nothing can go wrong.” It was one of the first songs we ever played as a band and has been a crowd favorite since we started.

Spiritual Rez’s Upcoming Shows
April 16 @ Sullivan Hall. New York, NY
April 17 @ ExtravaGanja Festival. Amherst Center, MA
April 20 @ The Spot Underground. Providence, RI
April 23 @ Landfall Restaurant. Woods Hole, MA
April 28 @ Castaways. Ithaca, NY
April 29 @ Middle East Downstairs. Cambridge, MA
May 5 @ Bridge Street Live. Collinsville, CT
May 7 @ Iron Horse. Northampton, MA
May 8 @ Club Metronome. Burlington, VT
May 11 @ Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Syracuse, NY
May 12 @ Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Rochester, NY
May 13 @ Woodlands Tavern. Columbus, OH
May 14 @ Martyrs’. Chicago, IL
May 16 @ High Noon Saloon. Madison, WI
May 17 @ DGs Tap House. Ames, IA
May 18 @ Zoo Bar. Lincoln, NE
May 19 @ Redstone Room. Davenport, IA
May 21 @ Cabooze. Minneapolis, MN
May 25 @ The Pour House. Charleston, SC
May 27 @ Mountain Sports Festival. Asheville, NC
June 1 @ 2720 Cherokee. St. Louis, MO
June 5 @ Wakarusa at Mulberry Mountain. Ozark, AR

Spiritual Rez Links:
Spiritual Rez Website
Spiritual Facebook
Spiritual Rez Myspace

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