Artist Radar: Splinta

Artist Radar: Splinta

Welcome to another Thursday Artist Radar! Our Pacific Island coverage continues as we sharpen our focus on a hidden gem out of the Law Records camp with their sole solo artist Splinta. Our weekly Artist Radar articles will be dedicated to each of the groups featured on the FREE Pacific Island Sampler.. Lets read up on Splinta. Enjoy the Interview….

Splinta contributed 2 songs for FREE download in our Pacific Island Sampler. One of those songs “Rebel” features The Pier’s very own Jenni Anspach on Vocals. As a treat, we had Jenni interview Splinta to get all the good details about Island Surf, Island Music & Touring. Lets check it out…

Splinta Free MP3s:

FREE Songs: “Leavin The West” and “Rebel”

Pacific Island Sampler Song Info:
“Leaving the West feat. Philly B” was recorded in Kona! The Holualoa compound studio. Basically it’s about surfing. We used to drive to the eastside alot when the waves in Kona went flat.. we’d get baked and cruise over there. It’s very beautiful and the waves are fun.. and there is always a wave.. or if not, we’d go for a little hike or whatever.. stop in Waimea on the way home and eat plate lunch. I (Splinta) produced it.. well.. full Puff Daddy style. I took a sample of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Down on the Corner” and put a little beat under it. I like this song. And Philly shouting out Guy Hagi (ABC Hawaii weatherman) is all time.”
– Splinta

“Rebel feat. Jenni Jenni” was recorded at my Los Angeles sublet! It’s about thinking positive and aiming toward positive goals even if you might be in a dark place.. which happens to me a bit. But I try to keep looking toward a positive outcome. It was produced by whoever produced the pinback song that I hijacked it off… this is one of those totally hijacked beats. I took a song I liked and looped it basically. I really like how this song came out.. I think the hook is sick. Crazyeight of Analog Dive did all the scratches, which I think adds such a great element to a song that doesn’t really feel hip hop at all.”
– Splinta

Splinta is just a surf bum with a habit of making songs. Non-rap name Chad Campbell, Splinta hails from the Big Island of Hawaii, melding conscious lyrics, organic beats, and Hawaii’s vibe into music for beach people and land lubbers alike… He’s also made a few surf films over the years.

Interview with Splinta:

The Pier: So, Splinta. You’re kind of like the elusive rare bird of the Pacific Island Sampler. In fact, even this interview is being conducted via email, as you’re way over in Fiji, on the island of Tavarua. I guess my first question has to be how are the waves at Cloudbreak right now!!?
Splinta: Ha! Cloudbreak was really big yesterday, and messy.. but the other waves were firing. We are looking at a week of swell so that is exciting.. I’m about to go surf right after this!

The Pier: Growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, what influenced or inspired you to start making music, and can you tell us a little bit about Arena Productions, and your history with Pepper and LAW Records?
Splinta: Hmmm… We just started rapping at parties and stuff messing around.. but then Philly B was actually really good. Jamin Wong (Chief Ragga) was already legit and doing tons of music. Then the Arena sprang into the world. It was just that house that was always the party. If there was no party – Arena! If the party got busted – Arena! It was a crazy place.. Tyler and Remy D (Arena and Sabotage Soundsystem/Pepper soundmen respectively).. we were all messing with music. Pepper was just starting to blow up, Philly B was already pretty sick at rapping, Tyler and Remy were making beats, Ryan was rapping (he can sing too! but he won’t)… It sort of just happened naturally when Tyler made that first mixtape “Arena Mash”. I was on a couple songs. It was a really fun mixtape, mostly starring Philly B and Ryan. Pepper liked it and told us make a real album and they’d put it out.. Ok! We made “Arena Aftaparty”.. That was a bit of work, a challenge I guess. But people seem to love the album. We didn’t really do any more music after that but I wanted to try to take advantage of the opportunity that Pepper was offering. I was writing more songs..and that turned into a solo album (feat the Arena boys too)…. and I kinda just went solo after that.. went on tour a few times with the Pepper crew.. Yeah, really, without pepper nothing would have happened at all. We were never hardcore about making music, we were just very lucky to have the opportunity to do it, so i gave it a go.. and here we are! 5 mixtapes or so later and a few other albums, and a few features here and there.. its been great.

The Pier: As the only artist on LAW Records that isn’t actively touring, nobody can really get a beat on what’s happening with your music, yet you continue to put out albums. Do you have some tracks in the making, which one are you hyped on and why, and can we expect a new album in the near future?
Splinta: Yeah I have some tracks.. I really feel like up until now all the albums have been sort of a preparation for a real album. Now I am finally confident enough in my writing and delivery to believe that I can make something really special.. and I’m excited about that. I kinda had a weird thing about touring too, like thinking “I should be touring! I need to get out there!”, but recently it dawned on me — most of the music I love, I’ve never seen them live! And with the internet nowadays, anything is possible. But!.. that being said, nothing like a good live show. So, I’d like to get back out there at some point. In all, I love making music and this next one is gonna be my best yet… Bret of Pepper is heading up production, so that is so exciting. He’s such a great musician. And I have some features that I’m excited about too.. just stay tuned!

The Pier: Your music draws from a lot of different styles and genres. “Let There Be Sound” samples AC/DC, and other songs have a more hip-hop or jazzy feel. What are you into right now, what music is coloring your new work?
Splinta: Hmmm.. I like this question.. I am still always listening to hip-hop — I can’t get J Cole’s “Who Dat” out of my head.. There’s a hawaii group called ANGRY LOCALS who are really sick.. R.A. the Rugged Man has been a fave for a long time.. But yeah, in a sense I think a large part of hip-hop music is really limited.. guys and girls and doing the same boring ass shit.. Most of hip-hop is pretty lame actually. So.. I get away. I love Regina Spektor right now, just got back into her. A band called Nico Vega is one of my favorites, Jesca Hoop. I love bands with girl singers.. and girl singers.

The Pier: Um.. do you have any sneak-peek tracks that you’d like to share with your good friends at The Pier?
Splinta: Hmmmm… nothing new, but I dig this song I’m featured on: “Vitruvian Men” by Analog Dive prod. by Deathstyle. And you can get about 5 albums worth of songs at the bandcamp site!!

The Pier: The first time I saw you perform live, was at SLO Brewing Company back in ’07, where you were support for Pepper. In fact, I believe “Norfolk VA” details an interesting escapade from right around that time… Any plans to get weird and tour again sometime soon?
Splinta: Ha! I love that “Norfolk VA” song! That song is true by the way… it was fun.. .. Hmm. I’m gonna focus on this new album and if a good opportunity arises, I’d love to tour for it. As for getting weird.. the weird part is that I’m actually trying to be just a little more grown up, intelligent, etc etc. but! shooot.. we’ll see how that pans out!

The Pier: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Splinta: Of course a big thanks to Pepper and LAW.. the Arena crew.. And over all, I’m just super thankful for the small crew that has decided they like my music. It really stokes me out when somebody messages me about a song or whatever.. so yeah. There are some Splinta fans out there who have been around since back in the beginning.. so mahalo! — oh and as always, download it and burn it and pass it around..shoooots.

Thanks so much to SPLINTA, for taking the time out of his busy day of getting barreled senseless in Fiji. We appreciate the fresh perspective.

Splinta Bandcamp
Splinta Facebook

Article & Interview by: Jenni Anspach