Artist Radar: The Bastard Suns

Artist Radar: The Bastard Suns

Who the hell are The Bastard Suns? Who’s this group set to go on a summer tour with Ballyhoo!? Well, we couldn’t help but to wonder ourselves, so we made them this week’s Artist Radar complete with photos, tour dates, FREE MP3, Video & a better understanding of The Bastard….Suns. Check back every Thursday for a NEW Artist Radar complete with artist background, photo, a FREE MP3 Download and MORE!

Enjoy the read on The Bastard Suns…

The Bastard Suns Bio/Background:
Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, The Bastard Suns are quickly becoming the unofficial heralds and protectors of southern punk rock. Armed with a ridiculously infectious blend of reggae, punk, folk and ska, this five-piece outfit has released two very successful full-length independent albums and a split 7-inch in just under four years while simultaneously funding countless tours that have spanned the length of the continental United States.

2009 marked the release of the group’s third album, “Here Come The Suns” via SDR (Something Done Right) Records, a label that is also owned by the band. The album has officially sold out its first pressing by virtue of touring and online orders alone, and 2010 found The Bastard Suns preparing the release of their most ambitious offering yet: the Band for all Seasons project. Over the course of one year, The Suns are releasing a new 5-song EP for each of the four seasons complete with specially-themed songs and interactive cover art. By early 2011, the winter and fall releases have already sold out of their initial pressings, The Suns are gearing up for the release of the spring & summer editions, and also preparing to embark on their fourth coast to coast tour in two years. What you may not know today will find you soon enough. Make ready, because here come the Suns.

Enjoy the FREE song! It’s the first song from The Bastard Suns Winter EP. It has a bit more of an edgier sound then you may be accustomed too here at The Pier, but we feel its a nice change up. Clay, singer of The Bastard Suns told The Pier It’s a song about the non-stop whirlwind that is The Bastard Suns touring machine. That’s fitting because we look forward to seeing The Bastard Suns on a nationwide tour w/Ballyhoo! beginning June 25th in Westchester, PA.

Don’t leave before you check out the two hilarious music videos below for their other songs SBMT & My Pint. Let us know what you think of The Bastard Suns by posting freely inside our very own custom FORUM where you can network with other fans, bands & artists from the community.

The Bastard Sun’s & Ballyhoo! Summer Soundsystem Tour

Click the poster that will take you inside our built-in Show Locator where you can pick up tickets for each show inside.

The Bastard Suns Links:
The Bastard Suns Website
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  • Here is the official music video to the song My Pint

    Here is the official music video to the song SBMT.